Your LOVECAST®: Rattled Emotions

Your Love Horoscope

Monday’s lucky Venus-Jupiter influence favors a sensual tryst or finding someone new. Several cantankerous Moon afflictions on Tuesday and Wednesday, however, can rattle your emotions. Toward the weekend, passion is hot (complicated?) on Friday, while adventurousness inspires romance on Saturday and Sunday. Best days for socializing: Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Aries Love Horoscope

Expressing your appreciation through a heartfelt gift or helpful gesture will inspire romance. Love can be found during a work activity or charity project. Compromise will be difficult during a relationship conflict midweek. Still, intimacy can be sweet on Thursday afternoon. Exploring a new locale or activity inspires/brings romance this weekend!

Taurus Love Horoscope

Your inner romantic comes out to play on Monday, an excellent time for a date with your sweetie, socializing with friends or meeting a potential paramour. Emotions can get chaotic toward the middle of the week. A sexy tryst will energize you on Friday. Sharing your fun-loving side can bring a romantic interlude this weekend.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Creating a sexy ambiance for a date at your abode will fire up passion on Monday. A relationship challenge will likely arise on Tuesday or Wednesday, but love flows on Thursday. Your instincts lead the way in romance on Friday. This weekend is an excellent time for a shared activity with your sweetie or discovering someone new!

Cancer Love Horoscope

Verbalizing your feelings will make love bloom on Monday. Romance can be found online or during a class or trip. Irritations can skyrocket toward the middle of the week, so be mindful of your words and actions. Still, a homey rendezvous is favored on Thursday. Passion soars on Friday! Volunteering for a cause can bring romance this weekend.

Leo Love Horoscope

An activity connected with your work can attract romance on Monday. Argumentativeness will likely upset a relationship on Tuesday or Wednesday, but your way with words inspires love on Thursday. A serene getaway can rev up romance as well. Feelings are steamy/tumultuous on Friday. Your joie de vivre brings a romantic interlude this weekend!

Virgo Love Horoscope

Romance escalates on Monday, so plan an intimate dinner for two, or socialize to meet someone new! A power struggle can disrupt a relationship midweek. Expressing your appreciation on Thursday can help get love back on track. Verbalizing your desires sets passion ablaze on Friday. Throwing a party will energize you this weekend.

Libra Love Horoscope

Staying centered in who you are and what you want, despite the opinions or reactions of others, will be your challenge this week. Thursday is likely your best day for a romantic rendezvous. Your intuition will be active too. Sharing your deeper feelings can inspire romance on Friday, while some playful flirting fires up passion this weekend!

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Romance can come through a friend or group activity on Monday. A conflict or issue from the past is likely to be in your face midweek. What feelings do you need to release? Your powers of attraction soar on Friday, an excellent time for a sexy rendezvous! A lighthearted, direct approach can bring romance this weekend.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Look for romance during a professional activity or public event on Monday. Sharing your expertise will draw admirers as well. You’ll just need to choose your companions carefully on Tuesday and Wednesday. A cozy tryst at your home can turn lusty on Friday. You’re a magnet for admirers from Saturday afternoon through Sunday!

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Your higher self will likely give you an insight on Monday that accelerates your love life. An admirer may come from a distant land or different culture. A power struggle over your desires, expertise or authority may occur midweek. Look for romance through a friendly gathering on Friday. A spiritual activity can bring love this weekend!

Aquarius Love Horoscope

A leisurely massage and/or scrumptious dinner for two will fire up passion on Monday. Doubts about the future or a conflict over a commitment can unhinge love midweek. Turning off your analytical side and getting in touch with your feelings will deepen passion on Friday. Socializing brings delight (and perhaps a romantic encounter!) this weekend.

Pisces Love Horoscope

An intimate tryst or a date with a close friend can bring satisfaction on Monday, so get out and socialize! Being objective will help resolve an issue over fairness or closeness that may arise midweek. Directness mixed with sensitivity sets passion ablaze on Friday! An outdoor activity can bring/inspire romance during the weekend.

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  1. maria

    Hi my name is Maria and i was born May 16,1968 i’m just wondering will i ever fall in LOVE Again? or will anyone ever truly LOVE ME? if so How soon and if u could describe me for me that would be a plus… thank you

  2. Verna Joy

    HI My name is Verna Joy.I was born on September 16,1079.turning 32 next month but am still single am desperate to get married..can you tell me my lovelife future??

  3. Catrena

    My ex from my high school years has returned to my life, i feel a strong connection and i am wondering if we could try an adult relationship? My birthday is 7/2/72 and his 8/8/74.

  4. Rose

    I have a question. I read my weekly lovecast I am a Gemini but, nothing pertains to me
    since I do not have a boyfriend etc. Would appreciate your answer thank you.

  5. betty

    Hi. My. Name is. Betty. I was born. Jeanmary. 23. 1972, since. I’ve. Been. Divorced. I never. Found. Love, why. Its. So. Hard. For me, to. Meet. Someone. And. Why?…

  6. Idabel

    Me encanta està ventana de Internet,quisiera por este medio saber cùal es mi futuro amoroso, gracias de antemano.
    Mi fecha de nacimiento: 20 enero de 1951


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