Your New Year’s Eve Forecast for 2012 – 2013

Enjoy Yourself!

Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve? Fortunately, whether you’re a party animal looking to dance the night away or a romantic soul with candles and cuddles on your mind, the planets are saying, “Do what you like best and enjoy yourself.” Mercury joins the Sun on New Year’s Eve, soon to be joined by Venus, and then more practical matters will prevail.


You’ve been feeling the holiday spirit, loving being out with friends and of course romantic interests, so New Year’s Eve is no different. Trip the light fantastic then start the new year in your lover’s arms. Wondering who will be your date this New Year’s Eve? It might be an interesting stranger or an old friend. Psychic Fernando ext. 5786 has the answer!


After the mushy Full Moon in Cancer, you’ll be feeling closer than ever to the one(s) you love. Spending a cozy evening celebrating life and making plans for the year ahead is your cup of tea.


You’re the communication sign, so it’s not likely you’ll be spending the evening home alone. Your only problem will be deciding which party to attend. So why not all of them?


You don’t mind being thrust into social situations as long as you can slip out the back door unnoticed and go home and get cozy before the clock strikes midnight.


You’d love to host an exotic cocktail party, showing off all you know in the cooking and cocktail departments. You’re feeling social whether it’s out or at home and are glad to forget responsibilities for a day.


Always body conscious, single Virgos will likely be out scoping other bodies, while coupled Virgos are perfectly fine to be alone with their honey checking out their body. Work it out.


So many choices and just one night. Could you possibly attend all the parties you’re invited to? Better yet, get dressed in your best and have a party for two, just the way you like it.


Amorous Scorpio believes New Year’s Eve is the night that sets the stage for the next year, and what is their favorite thing to do? Get busy, Scorpio.


You’ve got a surge of romantic energy and creativity running through your veins. It’s too much to contain or keep to yourself. Get out and find a good party or fun place to be.


Your body may be out having a good time, but ever practical, Capricorn is scheming about making the next year different and better, including doing something you love and getting paid for it.


If you weren’t sure you’d make it beyond 12/21, you probably didn’t bother making plans. You scramble to get out and have some fun or throw together a last-minute celebration.


Everyone looks to you for what to do on New Year’s Eve and you like the attention. After a night of fun, you’ll be excited to plan the year ahead. What does this next year have in store for you? Get a reading with Psychic Lucrecia ext. 9326 and find out!

5 thoughts on “Your New Year’s Eve Forecast for 2012 – 2013

  1. Solomon C Modilim

    God is so busy creating and achieving his desire and feels his heavenly Kingdom with joy.
    what he created for this 2013 was sent to 2013. we love his creature because of that joy and prosperous New year is for us all.

  2. LJ Innes

    HAPPY NEW YEAR – Quinn, you’re fantastic writing, astrological expertise and friendship all inspire me – and I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year’s Eve and a spectacular, star-filled future.
    Love and Starlight,

  3. quinn ext. 5484

    happy new year – looking forward to more of your incredible wisdom and compassionate energy.
    peace and love,

  4. Randy

    You know I am the Sag and I feel just as well off in my bed and wake up tommorow in a different world. Just like every day.


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