Your Weekend Forecast for September 21 – 23, 2012

Time to Get Stuff Done

Welcome, Libra sun in all your glory. The beautiful energy of Venus shines upon us as the sun enters Libra on Saturday. The Capricorn moon will make its way through the sky Saturday perching itself there until Monday evening. This combination of cardinal energy allows us to feel the driving force of the universe, making it a weekend to get things done.


You’re in your element and finding plenty of projects and tasks to accomplish. Saturday is a master number day giving you a glow along with a sense of wisdom. Preparing for a presentation takes you through the weekend. Don’t forget to eat!


Sharing the planet Venus with Libra makes you a happy person this weekend. It’s like double the pleasure going out on the town with your partner and eating in the best restaurant. There is great lovemaking to follow, so you might want to bring the dessert home.


“Calculating” is your mantra this weekend, as every move you make counts. If you’re feeling under pressure, it’s quite natural as you do better without limits. However, the structure gives you a way to show off your best attitude and performance.


Reaping the rewards of the cardinal vibrations is a big plus this weekend as you get to have it your way. There will be plenty of action in all your favorite venues winding the weekend down with a family dinner that you plan and cook at your home.


Kicking back and chilling out while everyone runs circles around you makes for a happy weekend. All enjoy an abundance of good food, conversation and entertainment. Some friends stay afterwards to help you clean up.


Life comes together in the most profound way as all the details of your life become clear. You know exactly which course of action to take to get what you want. Success in love comes naturally this weekend.


Happy Birthday to all Libras. What a fabulous weekend this is as everyone gathers for a good time. Thinking about money matters is a good thing as an investment you made a while ago that has been stagnant starts to move forward.


Promises made will be kept, as you are a person of your word. Although the climate at a get-together is not conducive to your nature, you suck it up and find a way to get along. This proves to be a positive move for you and, in retrospect, you’re happy with yourself for keeping your word.


The financial woes that have had you under the gun lift and a fresh start is before you. Paying back a debt of gratitude uplifts your spirit and you sail through the weekend feeling better than you have in a long time.


All the emotional energy that you were suppressing pushes its way to the surface, and you have to face the facts of your life condition. It is a weekend where you take care of you. Spend some time in meditation as the answers to your situation become clear.


Feeling on top of the world is a beautiful thing. A loan is paid back although you thought it was a lost cause. This weekend, your faith in a friend is restored and you celebrate by taking the both of you out for dinner.


Emotional stability has you feeling solid and secure in a relationship that lost its balance. With your center in place, you’re able to accomplish a goal that you set for yourself some time ago, making this a weekend to rejoice.

4 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for September 21 – 23, 2012

  1. blackie

    I am afraid every relationship I’ve been in is something like Jacqueline. I was always supportive and caring and what did this get me? This has been the biggest waste of time and money since politics. I’m now 54 disabledand have nothing coming in and I had a home a marrage a job that I loved I mean I loved the life I had. I signed my Suv over 2 my x and she has a house that is paid for and still works. A nice SUV and both my loving Shiz zue Babbies. She sold all my tools and kept everything,but old job here is just waiting. I will be able to get part of my retirement in Jan., and as SSI picks up they will pay me back time on this as well. So my last chance cannot be gambled on some other I love you. I sure am glad some people find a heart before its to late and admit it. Thank you so much Jacqueline I’ll sleep knowing someone was spared my trobles and may God bless you richly.

  2. -quinn ext.5484

    thank you for your comment. i am glad you feel your husband is your true love. it sounds like you are the one who needs to look deeper at your actions and the effects you have on the people in your life, but more important the effects that come back to you.
    if you are not happy with your actions, thoughts and deeds you might want to change your thinking.
    change your thinking change your life.
    it is a process learning how to think positive – the more positive thoughts you have the less negative energy enters into your life.
    it is about being mindful – being compassionate and loving yourself first.

    with metta,

  3. Jacqueline Armitage

    Sure would b nice to get some positive feed back on my husband situation. U said is he really my true love. To re evaluate and he is my true love. Yes we have our rough moments but we always work thru them. And i am his true love. We’ve been together 12 years married for 8. Ive done my fair share of screwin up too.. Ive been quite worse in some areas. Its not my first picnic.. Theres just some semi recent past things that have transpired and the bottom line is.. I failed him as a wife.. Un so many ways. My heart aches everyday for him especially now that i have acknowledged so much more than i ever enen thought that i could.. I kept blaming and worrie bout what he was going to do next rather than giving consideration to his major losses and griefs and being there for him!! I let him down as I do everyone it seems!! Throughout my life and its the important ones the loved ones,, i cant afford to lose hope in my marriage! This man i feel right now that due tue my actions and behaviors that now i am completely friendless cuz i potentially could have lost my most best friend and most important most loved person in my life.. Hes my dearest friend my only friend and ive managed to selfishly run him off!!


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