Your Weekend Forecast for September 14 – 16, 2012

You’re Invited…

Mercury is having a party this weekend and we are all invited. With both the Sun and Moon in Virgo, the earth energy is giving off many facets detailing our thoughts. This is a great weekend to make contact with those who have passed over, as well as those that are here, but out of our orbits. “Communication” is the mantra for everyone this weekend.


You take to the computer to write to those who have been put on the back burner. Work has had you busy so no regrets as you catch up on the fun that everyone had over the summer months with a great exchange of emails.


Being super charged helps you to move forward with a project. Preparation is the key to your weekend. If you finish with the details, you will find yourself going out to do some face time with those you love.


This is no doubt your grove. You find that magic power to whip things into shape takes over as you get your home in order and still have time to play the rest of the weekend. Ideas are flowing and it is important to keep your iPad handy to log your thoughts.


It has been a while since you had such an inspired mindset. The new love interest is going well and you feel a strong urge to write a poem or song. Dress to impress as you will be meeting some new people, and you want to make a good first impression.


All the activity going on around you makes you feel right at home this weekend. Being the center of attention spurs you on to make a courageous move. The rewards are as great as the risk.


The weekend could not be more analytical. Going over the details of a job done by someone else helps them to see the mistakes they made and allows them to fix things before the project goes to public viewing. You are sharp and precise, catching every little thing to clear up situations that have bogged you down for a while now.


Getting a call from an out of town friend excites you as you pack up and ready to leave for the weekend. There is going to be more of everything than you can even imagine. As always, you bring a sense of balance and beauty to the weekend.


Digging deep into your emotional baggage with great care allows you to unload what has been holding you back for a long while. With a renewed outlook on your love life, you are able to move forward. The emotional energy is a great and the weekend proves to be very satisfying.


So many directions to go in are making you a little crazy this weekend. Pull out the iPad and jot down the things you need to do and the places you need to go—prioritize and tackle. You will find staying in touch with home base helps to keep you grounded.


Staying home and working keeps you grounded. Many little details come to you in unexpected ways. Your sister earth sign Virgo lends itself to your thought process and you find an item that was misplaced, adding good vibrations to this weekend. Dinner out allows you to relax both Saturday and Sunday nights.


After a long time of working on a project, you finally finish and are able to share your work with others. Getting out of the house gives you a fresh start to think about some ideas that have been put on the back burner during the course of your achievement.


As much as you love this time of year, you feel as if you are on shaky ground. All this fast-paced energy keeps you moving all weekend. Getting out and doing a bike trip or a good run adds stabilizing energy to your weekend by allowing you to work off anxiety.

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    happy weekend bloggers –
    gas prices are keeping us home, thank goodness for the www.
    adventure is just a click away.
    buddha bless,


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