Your Weekend Forecast for November 23 – 25, 2012

Mercury Retrograde is Almost Over!

Sagittarius Sun, your straightforward approach to life keeps us moving freely and warms us all up, as we prepare for the winter months ahead. It’s a fiery weekend with the Moon glowing in Aries until Sunday morning when the Taurus Moon takes over. Stillness, mindfulness and appreciation take center stage on Sunday, making it a weekend where things get done yet there’s plenty of time to rest and play. This is also the last weekend of the Mercury retrograde, so hang on as communication slides into a positive place after all the revolutions.


This is a very neutral weekend for you. Emotional energies are good and you feel happy. A discussion with a family member brings a hard subject to a conclusion, clearing the air.
With a renewed fire burning in your heart your love life takes a positive turn.


Sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday is part of your plan for relaxing. The Thanksgiving holiday was so busy and filling, not only with great food but also with wonderful talks and loving sharing, so a good rest is in order.


Feeling very elated and passionate, you plan to spend the weekend with your lover at home with the door locked and a privacy sign hanging from the doorknob. This is your well-deserved breather after all the holiday hubbub.


Family is still at your home and you are in all your glory with the crowded rooms full of love. There are leftovers making it easy for you to entertain in the best way possible. Clean up is a breeze as everyone pitches in to make it easy on you. Coming out of your shell lets you show off a newly discovered talent.


Family means everything to you and this weekend having everyone around brings a sense of joy to your environment and heart. The party moved from one house to yours, finishing the Thanksgiving holiday with more blessings than anyone can ask for.


You are the best host and most gracious party-giver. Everyone who came to take part at your home was very pleased and well cared for. All the details of your planning came with ease and your arrangement skills really showed themselves. You get a surprise gift on Sunday night for all your efforts.


You are done with the holiday energy for the time being and set out this weekend to catch some great sales. Meeting up with friends in the local mall proves to be a good afternoon on Friday. Plans for a get together make you happy and a movie that you wanted to see is on the agenda.


This is the time of year that you love the most and you set out for holiday shopping at the crack of dawn on Friday. This is a weekend to remember, as you have loved ones around and so much to do. A partner takes the lead and finishes the weekend by taking care of your needs.


Happy Birthday! Being empowered by your Sun sign this weekend will prove to be insightful as well as productive. With little time left for introspective thinking, you tighten your communication belt and let the thoughts of what was flow out of the way. This is fresh start, a new day and a happy birthday weekend.


You do not need any motivation; you are the one in charge of giving it. Your carefully thought out plans come to fruition allowing you the good fortune of musing over your mindful work. Go shopping. The sales are going to blow you away you know you want to.


You are jingling your bells non-stop, happy Aquarius. There is such warmth and love generated from you and coming to you making your creative juices flow. Making presents for the holiday time is in the plans so you head out to the craft store and find all you need to make your precious gifts.


Having an emotional experience brings you to a peaceful place. As you look back at your life over the past month, you realize some things needed to change. Now after a good refresher of energy you are ready to move forward. Love and work are steady and life is good.

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