Your Weekend Forecast for March 15 – 17, 2013

Luck o’ the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! How green it is. We look forward to a weekend of fun and celebration, not to mention the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the four leaf clovers and the green beer. This weekend is packed with luck-filled energy. With the Moon in Taurus, the Mercury retrograde ending on the 17th and the Pisces Sun still shinning, we are able to appreciate life on an emotional plane, cast off what we took a good look at during the retrograde and feel the spiritual energy as well.


Friday was a rough day at work. It was nothing you couldn’t handle, but you feel a good night out on the town will put your mood in a better place. Looking at a challenge to your own inspiration, you decide to let it go until Sunday afternoon and keep the weekend nights for pleasure.


A perfect blend of spirituality and sensuality makes your weekend dating a lot of fun. If you are partnered up with a spouse or life-mate, the fun doubles as you head to your favorite hang out, enjoy a good meal and later meet up with friends to round out the weekend.


Double the pleasure, double the fun. Playing a game of chance puts you in place for a win that will be a welcomed prize. There is an urge for overindulgence. Oh heck, go for it! You will have time to work off a hangover or a few pounds very quickly. With the Mercury retrograde winding down, you move forward with ease.


It is your weekend with the kids and this puts a big smile on your face. You plan a few outings that you enjoy as much as they do. A new movie hits the big screen and a new restaurant opens with a family menu. Appreciation warms your heart as you look at those you love.


Memories of the past linger for only a few more minutes as you wind up the week and get ready for a hearty weekend. Taking a short trip lands you in the home of friends who are very happy to see you. The party starts as soon as you arrive. Be sure to sleep well before you hit the road to go home.


Moving forward never looked so good. Friday night you get out for some entertainment, starting the weekend off on a high note. Enjoy the Taurus Moon! Sunday, the Moon moves into Gemini, giving you a jolt of Mercury on the arousing side of life.


Sharing your ruling planet with Taurus brings exceptional energy to your demonstrative nature. Thank the Taurus Moon for this vibration. Not only do you feel balanced, but the feeling of being grounded pushes you to try something new and exciting.


There are times in life when you just feel lucky and this is one of those times. Play on a premonition that seems to have struck your inner core. I see lots of green in your future. Finding that you fit into a new circle of friends makes you very happy. Keeping the old friends is wise and your circle is growing.


Searching for new adventures has your enthusiastic nature running on high. Making improvements takes top propriety this weekend. The enhancements you are making are not about hard work on the outside but inner work that gives you a rush of elation you can take to the bank.


All this green is making you dizzy: making money, having money, spending money–oh happy cappy! Good fortune flows through your veins. Sharing positive energy is right up your alley and you give those you love a unique opportunity to have fun this weekend.


Feeling a little more eccentric than usual and having extra money from overtime in your pocket allows you the pleasure of treating your lover to a really out-of-the-box weekend. How out-of-the-box you ask? Consider skydiving, a hot air balloon ride, a climb up a mountain or hike through the woods.


There is a powerful transformation happening to you spurred on by your astonishing imagination. The dreams that have been entertaining you for the past few weeks are going to manifest. Sharing this happy time wraps up the weekend on a high note.

9 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for March 15 – 17, 2013

  1. quinn

    hi rose, julia, and gloria,
    thanks for reading our weekend forecast –

    i sure do hope we get to talk one day. i wish i could email you… maybe that will be an option in the future.

    dream on – last month was a little mushy for the pisces, getting grounded soon and having dreams realized is about to happen.

    a good fight gets the juices flowing, if the arguement has merit it will put the relastionship in a state of evolution.
    making up is so sweet. 🙂

    have a week,

  2. Julia

    Such an accurate description regarding the dreams I’ve been having in the last few weeks! Thanks for your interesting and helpful insights. 🙂 I look forward to see what happens in the near future! 🙂 Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all who believe in the power of green!

  3. Rose

    Hello Quinn,

    How are you? I read your forecast and it so interesting to read.I hope ican talk to you or I can send you email.


  4. quinn

    hi weekend bloggers,
    green hats off ta ya all.

    vicki – check with customer care…and thanks for your faithful reading of the blogs.

    Lj – loves ya 🙂

    matt- read me like a news paper…

    have a great weekend lovely’s

  5. vicki

    I don’t know what has happened to your emails you send me, but, I always use my phone to read them, and the last month or six weeks, I can only read the first little “bleep”-when I hit “read more” it goes into a blank page with some error code. My phone hasn’t changed-so what has changed with the way you guys send your emails?
    I wish it would go back to the way it was…
    Thanks…and I’ve been an avid reader for over a year!

  6. Matt Munro

    Quinnext.5484…Greatest attributes!…fullfillment of herself, and loved ones, and living in the moment of time…very insinc, and loving her 3/4 bloom as a Woman…I just have nothing better to do!

  7. Matt Munro

    As to “Quinn ext.5484…Very calm spirit and mind…Well planed, and together working on the same balance spiritually…I look at this again, at the mental strength, and it is the strongest leading tool in her work is her great mental armor, and thought…She has had to fight on things in her life, just for herself…tooth, and nail in some cases…I would say, can be hot tempered, if needed to be…Sweet, unless proven differently, and that comes from her spirits disposition of caring and loving, with great compassion to others…Which in hand is a clean spirit, that has been well nurished and in taking care of issues so no garbage is acumilated…it is a day of grace for her, and that can last only for, no more than two days, until in the trenches…The last achievement was granted, I would say, yesterday…How? is that for an imagination…very independant, as if she is single from a marrage, and everyone in her family, her children are doing quite well, or, just that independant, and taking care of her needs, first, and forward(some saying like that) ..


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