Your Weekend Forecast for June 22-24, 2012

It’s Officially Summer!

Summer is officially here with the loving nature of the Cancer Sun. The Leo Moon shines brightly for us until Sunday morning when it moves into Virgo, grounding us in the busyness of the weekend. This weekend will be hot and sultry, playful and happy. Sunday will be a time to rest and recoup for the first workweek of the summer.


Your heightened, mindful energy is stunning. Positive thoughts keep you going all weekend even against the tides of the Moon. People expect you to be “on” and entertaining. Hook up with a Leo and you will have fun.


You’re moving a tad slower, but this weekend you feel happy and content to do whatever your friends and loved ones are doing. You just might need an extra alarm clock to make sure you get up for the activities on time.


There is so much to do and once again, you find that having a magical skill set sure comes in handy. The best side of you shines through and your weekend proves to be not only busy but also effective.


Welcome home and greetings from the universe. Finally you get to stand out, chill out and allow all who love you to tend to your every need. Do not be greedy with all the attention. By Sunday, you will feel empowered and take the reins for the rest of your Sun sign days.


Confusion wrecks your brain as you plow through this weekend. The nighttime is your time to move about and have fun. Do not forget to use sunscreen if you venture outdoors during the day.


This weekend is just plain fun—all but for the briefcase of work you must tackle. Get it out of the way, so the fun can rule your energy. By Saturday, if you work it right you will be free to do as you please.


Lending a breeze to the weekend and keeping it cool is your position. Heating up the night with some good ideas about what to do will keep your crew happy. There will be games to play, sports or otherwise, that make your company delightful.


Reflections of your life are seen in the actions of your children. Your mind is clear. Keep it that way as the energy could cloud up and you might lose your temper.


You are happy to have made plans last month for this weekend, as it is a no brainer. Just follow the directions and there will be no mistakes. Do not allow others to get in your way.


Opposites attract. The Cancer Sun is just what you need to get out of the house and play. With the Leo Moon, this is no problem for you to embrace. Take on a project or activity that is new and different from your norm.


A meeting of the minds takes place, finding more than one way to solve problems that have been bothering you and your partner. Be it love, business or family, it will be taken care of. You feel a great sense of relief as you head out this coming week.


Cool, calm and collected, you find that enjoying those you love comes with benefits. Playing in your favorite venue shows off your talents, as you engage in actives that make you feel great.

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11 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for June 22-24, 2012

  1. -quinn ext. 5484

    dear deb,
    heart felt prayers to you and your family. your man will never stop telling people your problems because it is his way of venting.
    you should call one of our readers to get the inside scoop to his nature.
    blessing and good health to you.

  2. -quinn ext. 5484

    dear ann – and terry,
    in our public forum it is very hard to give a personal reading.
    thank you both so much for your questions and reading our blog articles.
    for a personal look at your life i suggest a call to one of our readers.
    have a great weekend.

  3. -quinn ext. 5484

    hi leslie,
    the lack of the r is a type-o. one i make often, sorry it bothered you. i will try to edit more carefully.
    the word reign was meant as
    >>>the period of time during which somebody, especially a king or queen, rules a nation<<<

    i will look forward to your input and corrections.
    thank you for looking out.

  4. Deb

    I am dying of kidney disease, common law husband left me after moving into a new place, and after surgery. Would like to know if he is going to stop going to people and telling our problems to them, and if things are going to work out, after we were together about a year and a half.

  5. anne

    Just would like to know if you can tell me a little bit about what my future is going to be like and when will it start getting better for me or am i going to stay in the same situation that i have been in for the las 5 years please help me out and let me know. Thanks

  6. Leslie Dolin

    Under cancer,the astrologer uses ‘reigns’ instead of reins, and in the last line omits the ‘r’ in ‘your’. That indicates to me that the writer uses the language inexpertly thus causing me to question expertise.

  7. TERRY



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