Your Weekend Forecast for June 15-17, 2012

Just Happy to be Alive

Be grounded and secure as the cool summer breeze casts its spell on us. The last weekend with our Gemini Sun urges us to get out of the house and have some fun. The Taurus Moon vibrating all through Friday and Saturday before it shifts into Gemini makes us happy to be alive.


Appreciate; don’t complain. This is a very loving weekend, and one that can bring sparks of love to a full blaze. Accepting a proposal or making an offer of one is in the stars for you this weekend.


“Don’t worry; be happy.” This is your weekend to excel. Taking center stage in any activity will make you feel like King Kong. Lots of praise will come your way as family and friends bask in the warmth of your positive energy.


It takes two to tango. You are asked to use your skills to make the weekend happen. Bringing your “A game” gives you double the energy as you plan, partake and facilitate the party.


“Water, water everywhere… and not a drop to drink.” All the earthy and airy energy has you a bit dry. Good thing you are a water sign as you keep the energy flowing through the weekend. This is a BYOB weekend.


“Burn, baby, burn!” Hot nights and cool days! It’s all good as you put on your party clothes and head out the door on Friday night. Make sure you pack a bag; an overnighter is a sure thing.


“May the force be with you.” Grounded with a gentle flow propelling you into a spontaneous mix with people you care about proves to make this a great weekend. You find handling the details easy, even with such short notice.


“Stop the world. I want to get off!” It’s time for a change, and this is the perfect time to start the new adventures of old Libra. The change you create will put you in a better place all the way around.


“I feel the earth move under my feet.” Feeling full of emotion and having to release it can cause you to feel slightly off balance. But alas, the Taurus Moon will give you ground to stand on, and make any point you need valid.


All’s fair in love and war. Please keep your arrow pointed down as you find out information that will cause a disagreement. As you go through the weekend, keep in mind “this too shall pass.”


What, me worry? This weekend passes without a hitch. You’re flying high on all the good vibrations as we ease into your polar opposite planet of Cancer next week. Thinking of planting a garden? Consult with a gardener or the Internet to make sure you grow what’s right for your landscaping.


“Let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees, my hair.” Getting out and about, feeling the wind beneath your wings is just what you need. The workweek left you without much energy. Take advantage of the stabilizing vibrations as you venture to new places.


“She’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain when she comes.” Going in your usual circle will be done on emotional ground this weekend. Galloping quickly will get you where you want to go without interruption.

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5 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for June 15-17, 2012

  1. Kimberly

    I love reading the forecasts. Always gives me a pick up. Life unfortunately has rocky ledges alongside its road, but funny my horoscopes from this and any other site are always positive and insightful. Thank you


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