Psychics: The New Therapists?

Why More People Are Consulting Psychics

In our current troubling and confusing moment in history, many people are both realizing how real spiritual phenomena are as well as looking to the spiritual and psychic worlds for guidance, comfort and realization of what direction to go in next. This Buzzfeed article examines that process, as well as revealing new trends in where people are looking for guidance.

Buzzfeed reports:

Sonja Morgan, a cast member on the Real Housewives of New York, sees one. Kim Zolciak, one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, also goes to one. And in last week’s “Modern Love” column in the New York Times, a writer admits that her friend visited one after her long-term relationship ended — feeling hopeless, she wanted to know when she’d meet a new partner (in the spring of 2013, apparently).

No, these women aren’t visiting therapists: They’re paying just about the same amount of money to talk to psychics, who seem to have become as commonplace among certain women as yoga instructors, dry cleaners, gynecologists. And their friends But since when did psychic readings go from that fun activity in the corner of a cocktail party to an accepted form of, well, therapy?

I’m a non-believer. I don’t assume anyone has psychic powers that enable them to see the future or the past or speak to angels or dead people. I would pay for therapy over psychic readings any day. But I saw several therapists before I found one that was actually useful to me. So it’s possible that some psychics do more for people with Life Problems than some therapists. If a person has huge psychological issues, treatment should be sought from a licensed mental health professional. But if their issues are more casual — like, “when is my next boyfriend coming?” — a psychic might be able to offer advice or guidance that’s just as helpful to a person as that of a therapist. Besides: not everyone is prepared to face their issues in the official capacity that therapy is. It’s much easier to start cocktail party conversation with “my psychic says” than “my therapist says.”

The nature of psychics and psychic readings vary wildly. “I have a lot of people who come to me and just talk for an hour,” says Tarrytown, New York-based Elena Mercantini, a self-proclaimed psychic medium who offers angel card readings, tarot card readings, guided meditation classes, and reiki readings. (I had no idea what angel card readings or reiki readings were, so she explained: “In a tarot card reading any spirit can get in and start talking to you but with an angel card reading it’s only messages from angels” — which she says she speaks to. A reiki reading, she says, is a “Japanese healing modality” that Wikipedia explains involves transferring energy through palms.)

What do you think—why are psychic readings suddenly becoming so popular?

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10 thoughts on “Psychics: The New Therapists?

  1. iris1

    One wise-woman once said psychic readings are the spice of life (and not the meat and potatoes). Having once been a mental health therapist I know therapy to be more akin to broccoli or okra. Good for you if you need it, but not nearly as tasty!

  2. Marc from the UK

    Thank you all for your imput! I must say I was confused and a little upset when I read and re read the article, so it is great that we have had some feedback and different points of view that clarify this. PHEEEWWWW


    Marc from good ol UK

  3. Pia Yang

    Thank you, Hern. I have been very stress
    ed about my family and marriage situation for long time. I appreciated your time talking with me this morning. During the time you talk to me you have help guiding me to the light. I felt relieve and see my future more clear. I am stronger now and I try to do like you told me to
    I love my husband very much.

  4. Somima

    For me a therapist without psychic abilities is a waste of time, not because they are not good in theire job, but it is not as efficient enough for me to work only on a mind-oriented base. But if a psychic does not have any psychological background or knowing about the human system it can be very dangerous as well, when they do not know what they are doing. I have lots of friends with and without psychic abilities, and some of my friends are therapists as well, and they also call a psychics when they are in trouble, as we all have the desire for deeper understanding about whats going on in our lives. The best combination would be a psychic with therapistic abilities or a therapist with psychic background.

    And if someone like the author of this buzzreport feed is not aware of other realities than how can he apprehend the phenomenon. It is like discussing music with a deaf person. You do not have to be a psychic to understand that there is more in live as we can see

    It depends of the clients awareness I guess, what fits best. And what is needed.

    I’ve had readings with some really great psychics here on CP and in my local community as well and I also experienced some great therapists with huge knowledge. As I said, a great therapist has psychic ablilites and great psychics also use therapeutic tools as well. One without the other cannot work really good I think.

  5. Psychic Giovanna x5214

    Hey Marc,
    I thought the same thing the first time I read it, too. However, after really scrutinizing, I realized that section is actually a quote from the source — not from Krishna Bill (but please correct me someone if I’m wrong, LOL!).

  6. gsdmom

    I believe the non-believer is the person who wrote this for Buzzfeed. The paragraphs are indented until the last line. I would hope Krishna Bill knows what a tarot card reading is! LOL.

  7. -quinn ext. 5484

    hi marc from the uk, -quinn here. hope you are doing well and of course i had to respond to one of our most popular blog commenters.
    no krishna bill did not say that, it was stated in the article that he posted from buzzread reports.
    not to worry krishna bill is all for us readers.

    it is an interesting article and i think if a person has an issure they can talk to a reader 24/7 without an appointment and get quick and accurate help.
    happy fathers day to all.

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I read for the top Psychiatrists M.D.’s and therapists in the country, who also refer their patients…..the doctor treats patient from a clinical standpoint and then, refers them to me for guidance from a spiritual/psychic standpoint .

    I agree with Sonja Morgan, their is a BIG difference between clinical therapy and a psychic reading… is dangerous to confuse the two.

    Yes, a psychic can help with an array of life problems, but should never be usd as a replaceent for a certified clinical therapist or Psychiatrist MD.

  9. Marc from the UK

    Have I read this article correctly??

    Krishna Bill states clearly: ” I am a non believer. I don’t assume anyone has psychic powers that enables them to see the future or the past or speak to dead people. I would pay for therapy over Psychics any day”!!!!!



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