Your Weekend Forecast for February 15 – 17, 2013

Happy Three-Day Weekend!

Slowly and steadily, the Aquarius Sun and Taurus Moon ground us down emotionally. This three-day weekend with these two fixed signs allows plans made to be solid and played out to the fullest expectations without disappointments. Friday and Saturday lend themselves to deep thinking while Sunday pushes us into physical activity. Happy President’s Day!


Dating a new person sparks a romance. Valentine’s Day was a blast and will continue to be part of the weekend. Dining out and going to a movie are pretty easy activities that turn into a grand slam of happiness. Good loving takes you through the weekend.


We know no one can push the bull, but come on, give a little—you will be happy you did. A trip to the mountains or the shore (depending on your location) will to be splendid. Even though you are still reeling from your Valentine’s Day present, you will find more goodies to come throughout the next three days.


You are almost finished writing or reading that book. It was definitely a task worth doing! It is like leaving a good friend. Now you have time and room to give attention to those you love. There is an extra day to cuddle up and relax so enjoy it.


Three-day weekends make you very happy. They give you a chance to play—be it music or your favorite activity—and the creative juices are flowing. Sunday night you invite people over for one of you home-cooked meals, much to their delight. Yummy.


Pitching in to help a coworker this weekend gets you double time. Payback comes with the opportunity to take time off while your coworker covers your shift. Surprisingly enough, you enjoy your new shift and the perks it offers.


Time and space—you have plenty of it as the next few days are for you to flow with the universe. Oh great logical one, this is a moment of self-expression. Tuck you mind away and allow your heart and soul to sing. Play, have fun and discover something new.


Libra, darling! This is one of those weekends that is full of beauty, spirituality and expressive art in many forms. From food to fashion, you get to work your magic. There is plenty of energy to push you forward, so use it, enjoy it and create.


Just so you know, if you wanted to sleep this three-day weekend away, you could. It will be a very peaceful time for you—the only activity will be ones you allow. You might want to hang a “Drama-Free Zone” sign on the door so those who enter know the deal.


Holding up your bow and arrow takes effort. Let go this weekend and try to get some relaxing in. As much as you love to protect those you love, know everything is okay—family, friends and your loved one are all doing well. “Peace” is your mantra.


Shopping, here you come! After a long couple of months, saving up to enjoy your guilty pleasure is worth everything you gave up to make this weekend happen. A trip to your favorite stores for your favorite things makes you a happy camper.


While you are trying to figure out the key to the universe and the meaning of life, you have a moment of awakening. A phone call from a very special person connects the dots and calling for a psychic reading helps you put it all together.


A vibration of knowing allows you a sense of security in a very special relationship. You can feel the love on such a strong level. It is the real deal! Allow yourself to be rewarded with the warmth and sensual energy your special person wants to give you.

12 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for February 15 – 17, 2013

  1. Alexandra

    RANDY: It is not over til the fat lady sings…I dont even see the fat lady anywhere
    near you….Enjoy life to the fullest every moment…no one knows when the”fat lady”
    will sing for them. Cheers.

  2. quinn ext. 5484

    hi kev,
    the daily forecast is done by one of the leading astrologers in the country.
    maybe your raising sign is what you need to look at not your sun sign…
    remember there are millions of people that do relate to the forecasts. forecasts mean what is to come. so you must be pretty psychic to know that your forecast is not going to happen.
    all the best to you as you live life moving forward, you will come to understand it by looking back.
    happy weekend to you no matter what your forecasts say.

  3. Randy

    This will be my las t entry to this post it is sad to say the least. I had to retire early after fighting mytral valve Prolaps for twenty yrs. Now because of the meds the mighty old sag must go down. I now am in a new battle with early dementia that is progressing. So any way I hope all you out there have beutiful life rich in whatever your soul should cherish. After this morning with my doctor I find it hard to keep up the battle. SSA. is not helping I’ve had to fight them everyday and like the doctors their is noway to change their minds. Peace love and Joy be to you all. As red skelton used to say goodnight and god bless.


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