Your Weekend Forecast for February 10-12, 2012

Regain Your Balance This Weekend

Be prepared for picky attitudes on Friday with the Virgo Moon making it hard to figure out where you want to go and who you want to go with. Before Friday afternoon is over, the balance from lovely Libra enters turning Saturday into a great shopping day. Sunday afternoon, the Moon stirs into watery Scorpio bringing a serious vibration and a reason to settle in.


Be prepared to make adjustments to plans made long ago. It is a new day, and what you planed months ago does not seem to fit into your weekend. A good book, a good movie and some serious rest to recharge is in order.


Frustrations from a hard week’s work diminishes as you walk through your front door Friday night. Restoring balance and harmony will be easy to achieve as you round out the weekend with your favorite person.


The wheels are spinning and all seems scattered, but you have the gift to tie it all up with a wave of the hand. Pulling the weekend together as out of town guest arrive, gives you a sense of reward in how lovely your home looks.


Please don’t pick on your co-workers. The mood will get better, and you will enjoy a good shopping outing for a large item you have been looking to buy for sometime now. Sunday will be a good day for a long drive, taking your music and deep thoughts to new levels and bringing you home to accomplish a task left to fester awhile ago.


Having to make up for a missed gift-giving holiday season, this weekend is a great time to find just the right bling for your lover. Your energy is heightened all day Saturday making you feel a little restless. A good run or long walk will help you chill out.


Something that has been missing will show up even if it is a love interest that went MIA before the year started. Be careful not to show how upset you are, and work with the loving energy of the romantic Libra Moon to bring the zing back.


With the moon in your sign this weekend, you will feel like a flower blooming with love. Your creative energy is heightened, and you feel like getting out on Saturday for a shopping spree. You will wind the weekend down with a soothing romantic encounter with one of your favorite people.


By the end of the weekend, you will be feeling your emotional strength full force. This is a great weekend to let go of the thoughts you have been pushing down and holding back. Release and let go.


Moving a little too fast can cause you to rethink a pattern you have wanted to break free from. Make sure you are ready for major change as it will affect your love life in a big way.


You feel very motivated to clean the house and the car. Making everything look beautiful will bring you to the mall where you will find some charming new additions to the bedroom. And these will be put to use in the most romantic way.


Still feeling the power of your Sun sign, the Moon’s energy is like a dot in the universe. Money seems to be in hand, and a friend calls with a plan for a great escape. Go with it or plan to have people over for some socializing.


A surge of creative energy sparks a trip to an art gallery or the craft store. Homemade Valentine’s Day cards are a thought or a painting of your lover’s pet might emerge from your love of giving from your truest self.

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11 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for February 10-12, 2012

  1. Debbie

    What is your…TRUE feeling concerning me getting my Soc., Sec.,Disability. I applied 4 and truly need. Waiting to hear from them. Will I be awarded?

  2. Roberta B.

    I enjoyed your forecast, however, I have never read so many sentences ending in a preposition. Perhaps you should run your comments through “ABC” to get the correct grammar. Thanks, Roberta

  3. colette

    well my weekend is just going to be work related, i am looking to find out if the man i love will come back into my life as i am missing him so much

  4. -quinn ext. 5484

    hi there,
    pabir February 10, 2012 at 6:42 am
    The predictions, given at this location, is too short and vague. Request improvement.

    i would love to write more and you can find many astrology articles in our blogs and many of our readers are great astrologers… so give us a call and have your date of birth, time and location ready to give the reader so they can get right to your astro forecast.
    thank you for your comment.

  5. -quinn ext. 5484

    hi -Rajaram.k February 10, 2012 at 7:49 am
    thank you for writing to me. i am happy that you have a clear view of astrology as it does help in the day to day of figuring out what to do and how to do it.
    without your chart i cannot read you. but what i do feel from what you wrote is that you are a loving man with great insight and a family bond that is deep and profound.
    living a long life and being able to work is an honor.
    and like the saying goes.
    before enlightenment – chop wood and carry water
    after enlightenment – chop wood and carry water
    keep up your quest for the higher good of your family. i am sure all your hard work will be returned to you with great rewards.
    many blessing,

  6. Rajaram.k

    I like & believe ur all prediction and i am following as per ur instruction so i want to know regarding my future life. now i am running 60 still healthy grace of God,because i have to complete few more duties in my family, I will tell u my details-four daughter’s myself&my wife this is my family, I know Astrology,so don’t hide any thing be frank.where is the ‘end’now working as HSE-Officer & working hard more than 14 hours per day.I hope u will give reply to me.
    with regards


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