DreamCast: Dreams of Death

Sarah in Lompoc, California writes:

What does it mean when I have nightmares where I’m stuck in a coffin or tied down and I can’t breathe. Then a guy comes and cuts my throat, but only my throat. Can you tell me what this means?

Hello Sarah,

So typical of nightmares. The exaggerated scenarios are your psyche’s way of getting you to acknowledge an emotional issue that you’re ignoring or unaware of. Well, the dreams have certainly gotten your attention!

I suspect the issue is about self-expression. A coffin, suffocating and being tied down are all symbols of being restricted in how you express your thoughts, feelings or needs. What’s more, the throat can symbolize speech, so someone cutting your throat means you feel “cut off” from the ability to express yourself.

“Don’t hesitate to put yourself and your needs first.  All else will fall into place.” – Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146

The main question is: who or what is causing this block? It may be a person close to you who has a problem with your feelings. Or you may be doing this to yourself, especially if you’re afraid or ashamed to express certain emotions. For instance, if getting angry makes you uncomfortable, you may choose to suppress it rather than risk the disapproval of others by verbalizing it.

Still, expressing yourself is crucial to your emotional health. I suggest recording your daily experiences in a journal, which will help you get in touch with any feelings that need to be acknowledged. Then you can decide how to deal with them in a positive way that sets you free emotionally.

Sweet dreams,


“When you tune into your feelings and intuition, this is generally your higher self and your guides giving you direction.” – Psychic Giselle ext. 5220

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12 thoughts on “DreamCast: Dreams of Death

  1. Lori

    Hi Ronald, I was just reading about your friends dream, first thing I can tell you is this, the dream is of the dreamer (mantra). It has nothing to do with you, it’s about your friend, so the way I would interpret this dream is or was your friend in a bad way so to speak, it could be financially, emotionally etc, not completely covered 4 ft would be up to the chest area, they weren’t in over their head. Dirt is dirt, contamination, but they pulled themselves out of the hole, your friend felt like they were being trapped, something or someone was trying to keep your friend down, your friend had enough strength to brush the dirt off and walk away. Your friend is fine now, I’ve known for years what you can’t work out in your waking life will come through your dreams. There are alot of great dream books Pamela Ball is fantastic, that’s were I started, I’m 25yrs in, dream interpretation takes time, it’s fun and you can really start finding out the real you. Thanks Lori

  2. Yosha Ellis

    When you work on dreams stick to the image, describe everything, dig deep. You will undoubtedly immediately begin to have associations with things in your life. The dream is asking you to imagine, to work your imagination like a muscle. And then eventually it is asking you to cut away the things that you are clinging to in your life. The dream is the work of the psyche forgetting, clearing out the things of yesterday, the things that make up your “reality”. It is asking you to get distance on the story of your life and let go. Death figures in dreams are very often the very agents that are attempting to “kill” the things that we are clinging to; the obsessions etc. Dreams are getting us to become creatures of imagination. Remember; we don’t imagine but are imagined. Dreams are getting us to loosen up in our lives. (:

  3. Jesse 9027

    Don’t forget that many times dreams of being inable to breathe are actually the result of sleep apnea. Check with your doctor about such things if they become frequent.
    Also, many dreams will point to past life connections that should really be explored more fully. Either way, such dreams are very important and should never be ignored!
    Great comments, everyone!

  4. Angela James

    i have post trauntic stress disodrer when i escape the blashbacks i dream of a man i met a year ago, i dream he hugs me and likes to hold my hand, he protects me from my bad thoughts, and i have a feel that he has been trying to help me in the real world to but secrtetly

  5. ronald e cooper

    a friend had a dream of me being barried in a 4 foot hole standing up but she said i jumped out of the hloe and shook off the dirt and said they thouht they could hold me uh! and i walked off
    sence this is about dreams of death what could this have ment for me

  6. Michelle

    Hi. I have a question. I’ve had dreams about being raped and I have never in my life experienced such a horrific event. I know some relatives and friends that have gone through that, but am I dreaming about something that they felt or is it something that I need to be paying attention to. Thanks for your insight–Michelle

  7. Danielle

    What about these recurring dreams I’m having? What do they mean? Typically, I’m with my Husband alone, although the more recent ones have been within my home, and I get attacked by something that I can’t see but I can feel it coming a few seconds before it attacks. I can feel it watching me before it happens and then I feel panic and then it’s too late. Sometimes my Husband has just turned a corner when I get attacked, or sometimes he tries to help me but he is unable due to some unseen barrier, or sometimes he’s merely feet from me but he can’t seem to see or hear me as if I’m invisible. This (ghost? spirit? entity?) puts so much weight and pressure on my shoulders and chest and starts bearing me to the ground and I try to scream for help but no sound comes out. It chokes me and I feel my body letting go. The lights dim, I feel myself dying or at least passing out and then my Husband wakes me up from the nightmare. In the nightmare I tried to scream but couldn’t make a sound but in real life my Husband says I scream like bloody murder in my sleep. Sometimes in the nightmare instead of dying, the entity takes control of me, but most of the time, my Husband wakes me just as I’m dying. What does this nightmare mean?

  8. Yosha Ellis

    Dreams should NEVER be enslaved to the ego’s daylight world. That is a serious error. Rather you should surrender the ego’s agenda and return to the dreams so that you can begin to think like the dream: metaphorically. Stick to the image, honor the dreams language instead of treating them like oracles as to how you should act or the decisions that you should make in the ego’s agenda. Dreams are more related to poetry and theater than they are to your current relationship questions or what you should do next. (:

  9. Yosha Ellis

    Dreams may have nothing at all whatsoever to do with your waking life. They belong to psyche and they are just as relevant to your waking life as any movie or fairy tale that you may see or hear. (:


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