Your Weekend Forecast for August 31 – September 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend is Upon Us!

Although we still have three weeks left of summer, Labor Day is the unofficial last weekend of summer and it’s time to party. The Virgo Sun casts a spell of intrigue this weekend, and it is sure to bring out the best in your circle of people. It is always easier to deal with loved ones when they are happy. The Pisces Moon then takes us to Sunday morning and changes to Aries as we wind down and ready ourselves for the third day of the weekend and the week ahead.


Sentimental times are here and although it is so unlike your unemotional self, you find engaging with family and friends a very deep and profound experience. Allow yourself to feel the love and don’t shy from expressing it as well.


This weekend brings a slippery slope to your grounded self. If you are out walking or running, do not forget to bring plenty of water to keep you from overheating. On an emotional level, you are feeling romantic so enjoy this spiritual awakening to love.


You are the wind beneath the wings of, oh heck, just about everyone. As you carry the weight of the weekend on your shoulders, the pleasure from this enhances your mood and allows you to expand your knowledge base in a very entertaining way.


Loving a good party puts you in the right place at the right time. It is all a labor of love as you cook and prepare for the guests to arrive. The evenings are special and you find a way to bring out a sweet sparkler with special effects lighting.


The three-day weekend puts you in a very good mood. Your energy is high and your spirits are in a good place. Having kids around puts a big smile on your face as you watch them taking advantage of the last days of summer.


Moving right along, steady and surefooted, you flow through the weekend. There is a fresh, free feeling as you embark on a project that you planned to tackle now. There is no need to rush; just a relaxed mellow vibration to keep you moving forward.


“Living Large” is your mantra this three-day weekend. Friends invite you to party out of town and you are up to making it happen. Do not forget your cameras as the visual aspects of this trip are going to be divine.


Feeling quite dogmatic these days as you filter out the negative energy and let go of it, you have more room to get a job done. Time is yours for fun by Sunday night and you polish off the three-day weekend with a smile of accomplishment on your face.


Your fire is burning brightly as ideas and inspiration spill from your soul. You are like the flame for the moth, attracting loving energy. New people arrive on your path and you make some lifelong friends as you celebrate on Monday.


Time off could not of come at a better time. Taking time off gives you much needed rest to clear your mind of all the advice you have been pouring out for the past few months. As sorry as you are to see the summer go, there is a real welcoming of the fall leaves and the cool air, as the mowing turns to raking.


All week you were worried about getting things in place before you leave for your last trip of the summer. Everything will be as you left it, so do not feel anxious because the pets and the plants are in good hands. Your trip turns out to be wonderful, so enjoy it.


School and broadening your knowledge base take center stage and you are glad for these brief few days to pull it all together. You have never been one to prepare as you let the flow of energy take you where you need to be. But this time it feels really good to have the control.

7 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for August 31 – September 2, 2012

  1. Cristina

    Yes, it certainly is, I been wondering about my knowledge and what can I do and I saw one chance, but I don’t know about the cost, when i already have a debt to pay???????

    I am 64 years old and next year I will be 65, on march 11. I have 2 years left for work and make my quarters. What do you think about continuing studyng?????????????

    Have a good one this Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Cristina Yahoo

  2. Randy

    You know I miss the good responses on the day when people or looking for what might be the rite one or someone wants to know if the relationship there in is going to be alright maybe even if the job they got will work. Everyone have a safe holiday and may god give you and answer you need to find your piece in life. the old Sag.

  3. c.wright.thru.u.

    Infinite and Eternal Divine Blessing to all this weekend (week, month, year, decade, century, millennium, era, eon, lightyear, planck, infinity) all within NOW! .

    Enjoy a beautiful ‘blue moon’!



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