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How the Voice Inside Your Head is Killing Your Creativity

Imagine that you’re stopped at a traffic light. It changes from red to green, and you lift your foot to move it from the brake pedal to the gas pedal so you can move forward. But then some unknown force pushes your foot back onto the brake. That’s the sort of thing that happens when your negative self-talk stops you from doing something new or creative.

Your Inner Voice

All day long we have an inner voice talking in our head. That in itself isn’t so bad. It sometimes serves a purpose, such as helping us remember an item on our to-do list or an answer for a test. But when that inner voice gets too negative and obstructive, we need to take steps to quiet it.

Negative Thought Patterns

Sometimes our inner voice focuses on the past too much, or it keeps reminding us of our weaknesses, fears, and failures. Other times it’s not even saying our own words. It repeats comments that our parents, teachers, friends, or brothers and sisters said to us long ago, such as, “You’re stupid” or “You can’t do that.” Then your mind brings in another thought to support the first negative one, and soon you find yourself bound in a cycle of endless discouragement.

Get Out of Your Head

Psychic Gina Rose ext. 9500 says, “I see, time and time again, people sabotaging themselves by allowing their fears and insecurities to get to them and, thus, making them spiral down into a negative pattern of thinking and self-talk.”

If you’re considering a new direction in your life, the last thing you need is an inner critic putting you down.

“Silencing your inner critic and letting inspiration flow freely will heighten your self-expression,” advises Psychic Red ext. 9226.

An effective way to silence that annoying detractor is to bounce your ideas off of someone who is neutral but caring, such as a therapist or one of our psychics. An outsider can see the big picture, while you are focusing on just one tiny portion of that picture. When you widen your perspective, you will probably realize that your negative self-talk doesn’t even make sense. Then you can dismiss it and allow positive self-talk to come through.

Try This

Every time you catch the voice in your head saying the word “but,” change it to “and” and then add the word “yet” at the end of the thought. For example, if your inner voice says, “But you don’t know how to do that,” change it to, “And you don’t know how to do that yet.” Do you see how that opens your mind to possibilities?

Stay Connected to the Real You

Although there is no guarantee that your life decisions will always turn out the way you hoped, calming your inner critic will give you the confidence to at least try new things. If you notice that nasty creativity killer creeping in, follow this suggestion from Psychic Anya Dawn ext 9179: “Remember a time when you felt everything was exceptional in your life. That is the real you, connected and plugged in to your higher self. The more you refuse to let anything or anyone separate you from your higher self connection, the more your confidence and happiness will fill your daily life.”

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4 thoughts on “Make Better Life Decisions

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  2. Alisa Holly

    Dreaming of success and taking steps to start a business and still looking for the day that I can be proud of all my efforts.

  3. Courtney x5036

    Great article. We all hear inner voices and have gut feelings about our direction in life. The path we regret is when we ignore those thoughts. Stay close to those thoughts every day and following your gut will lead you to where you need to be. Love yourself as in the end we walk alone.


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