Your Weekend Forecast for August 17 – 19, 2012

Prepare for a Web of Misunderstandings

Friday starts out with great expectations for a fabulous weekend, but after 5 p.m., the magic seems to have turned into a web of misunderstood plans, thanks to the Virgo Moon. This weekend will either be very interesting or very complex on a highly intense emotional level.


This is your cup of tea. Bring on the mind benders, as friends lay their problems at your feet along with a six pack and a pizza topped with everything. You figure out how to heal those who need some help with their most sensitive moods.


The earthy Moon makes this a weekend you can handle with ease. Insight into your feelings opens new doors for a relationship that you have been on the fence about. You also get to take the weekend off from work, which has been rather hard on you over the past few days.


Trying something new causes you to delve into the fine print of an activity. If you’re sky diving or water skiing, you’re very careful to inspect all parts to the fullest, for safety reasons.


Loving the summertime brings out the best in you as you savor the flavor. Your mood is good, if a bit mushy, sentimental and humble. Having loved ones over for a summertime party brings you great joy.


The Aries you hooked up with the weekend of July 22 – 24 is still feeling the connection. It will be a fun weekend, if you spend it together. There is a love story in the making here, and over the weekend you will get down to the details of this relationship.


Staying cool keeps you from blowing a fuse. You’re like a Volkswagen Bug with a racecar engine. This is the last weekend before the Sun takes you by the hand and gives you a big birthday present. Getting ready for your empowering time requires silencing the mind and collecting your energies.


Working last weekend was not so bad. This weekend, however, you get to play and play hard. There is a big event in your community which will provide you with much pleasure and things to do.


Sorting out the details of your relationship takes center stage. Keep it moving forward. Just when you feel like it’s too good to be true, you take a turn and run for the hills. If you run this time, the love of your life will run after you. So give both of you a break, sit tight, talk, and make it work.


Going to your spin class will burn off lots of pent-up energy this weekend. There will be a surprise invitation when you get home, so check all of your messages. Take your new friend up on the invite, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


This is not your favorite time of the year, yet you’re trying to make the best of it. You keep the A/C on high and all the shows you recorded on the DVR are calling your name. It’s a good idea to invite a few over to share the coolness of you life.


Shopping for a new car brings joy to your never-boring life. The deal you get is unbelievable. You’re so pleased you buy dinner for your crew Saturday night and treat everyone to the latest summer blockbuster movie.


Time to gather the family and head out to Disneyland or another amusement park for a well-earned vacation weekend. Leaving the details to your partner is the best way to roll, as you are the driver.

11 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for August 17 – 19, 2012

  1. Alexandra

    To Sandra: you did not ask me, and dont know what part of the country you live at,
    but I KNOW there is a heavy negative/vibratory energy in our world specially the
    USA…that is affecting people who either have emotional/mental/psychological
    problems already or those with a high sensitive vibratory energy that are like sponges
    absorbing these negatives energy and not understanding whats going on and how to
    deal with them…I am one such, and it is tough…hope you can continue to help those
    relatives mostly with possitive prayers and affirmations…we are in very, very ROUGH
    times as you can see from the news about horrible tragedies going on….Blessings.

  2. -quinn ext.5484

    hi weekend bloggers,
    may the weekend be wonderful for you all. thank you for your insightful comments.
    i will be on all weekend from early saturday morning until sunday evening.
    hope to talk soon.

  3. patty

    good morning quinn how are you?and i am e-mail because last time .and i very want to talk you .but you are very busy that why i couldn’t talk to you and they give me another people and am was hurt you very good about very thing .either you don’t know the real b -day you tell know very thing in life .and i so many problems with love life and the future and money .and i am sadly are the time and i am so lonely .and last week i was talking to the guy ,and he make felling so happy and so comfortable and i never has a guy make me so good and he sound very kind and nice and we was text back and for .but i would like to asking you about this .do you think is real or not this name is anderson can you let me please and i am very appreciation thank you again quinn patty

  4. Shirley

    i would like to no where my marriage is going , is it going to end or is it going to get better my birthday 01/30/58 and my husband is 09/09/59.

    thank you so much if you can help

  5. sandra

    thank you for your insight. right now i have two familly members feeling suicidal and i just took a gun from ones hand so any spiritual help i can get is apreciated.


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