Psychic Demi: Tuning Into the Divine

Are you looking for a relationship? Maybe you need a relationship with the universe first!

Getting a Divine Connection Working for You

In this candid video, Psychic Demi ext. 5510 explains how to get into the greatest relationship of your life – a relationship with the divine and intelligent universe itself! For more information on growing in your spiritual life call one of our psychics right now.

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4 thoughts on “Psychic Demi: Tuning Into the Divine

  1. Cody


    I don’t know where to start so here goes…I am a spiritual man that believes also in Christ. I am a loving man and filled with enthusiasm, I think of myself as a hopeless romantic guy, I am always intuitive to what the people around me want as well as what my partner wants. I like to think of myself as an affectionate man though it’s been awhile since I have been affectionate with someone. I don’t drink, smoke or use drugs. I am not so much of a night club/bar scene guy. I would rather do something humbling as play pool, Xbox, Parker brothers of some sort. On my Friday or Saturday evening I stay in and watch a movie or research more into depth on achieving my goal within the next few years. I am really a nice guy once you get to know me. Laid back.

    As said, I am a spiritual person and I do believe that there is someone special for me, there is someone special for everyone. This special person for me is my twin flame. I believe that he is out there for me. Where he is…is another story. I hope to one day reunite with him. I have been celibate for quite a while and it’s because I feel his heart and he is needing me to wait for him and I will until that time comes. To tell you about him is like describing color to someone that has never seen color before. It’s a feeling I get when I think of him while in bed. I never felt this safe and secure. There was a time that I was thinking about him up to the point that I had fallen asleep and that night a person revealed himself and he was everything that I ever daydreamed about. He feed me all the emotions he always had for me from the looks in his eyes. In the dream we’re in a crowd of people and somehow we locked eyes. He was about 8 feet away and people continued to walk between us. His gaze paralyzed me and with his eyes alone, he told me that he loved me, that he will never hurt me. For the first time I said that I could submit to this man because he truly loved me. I never thought that I could do something as such.

    I do hope that one day that we do meet that I still get those same feelings again. That he will not hurt me in any fashion, he is completely head over hills with me, protective, loving, affectionate, average built, he is conservative to say the least without being overly resolute. He believes in the power of prayer, family and one day will proceed with us adopting children or through artificial insemination because he wants a family. He is someone that stills believes in shivery. He is intuitive to my needs and those of his family and he executes to make sure the needs are meet. We will always have the feeling of wanting each other near because we both worked so hard to find each other; every time that we walk into the same room it is as though our hearts skips a beat. His heart is gentle and compassionate, has great mental and physical strength. Sometime we would just wake up staring into each other’s eyes not saying a word and somehow this nurturers our soul and spirit. We know each other in and out. We trust each other and support all the achievements and indeovers in life that we are trying to accomplish. I know this man I will love him forever and ever and he will love me as much.

    I don’t know if he is here in this state or another part of the world I’m just hoping that somewhere somehow we unite so we can finish out the rest of our lives together and he will be the one that I ascend to cosmic bliss with once we part from life. I do have a short time here in this state, less than three years and I hope that he will be there when I embark on the next journey in my life. I know that you’re out there I can feel it with all my being and know that you can to. So if you read this please let’s not wait longer to say hello before we say farewell.

    From the heart of your Twin Flame


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