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Make Retrogrades Work

Retrogrades are the Universe's way of giving you a "do-over," and, even more important, letting you know that one is needed. Whether it's the (three-times-a-year) chaotic mess generated by Mercury ... read more

April 2009 Forecast

Lovers everywhere will celebrate Venus turning direct on April 17, 2009, which enables relationships to move forward after six weeks of backtracking. Creative projects will get a boost as well. Until then, ... read more

Venus Retrograde

Venus turns retrograde for roughly a six week period every 18 months. This year, the retrograde period of the Planet of Love will occur on March 6, 2009 in Aries, where she will appear to be ... read more

March 2009 Forecast

Socializing soars at the beginning of March 2009 as a trio of Aquarius conjunctions involving Mercury, Mars and Neptune set a friendly, unconventional tone. Brainstorming and imaginative thinking are ... read more

Venus Enters Aries

It's going to be an interesting ride when Venus (the planet of love) enters impulsive and fiery Aries for an interrupted, but longer-than-usual stay from February 4 - April 11, 2009. Look for this to ... read more
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