What His Flirting Actually Means

Considering What

While flirting appears to be a natural urge best taken at face value, it’s good to keep in mind that there’s a reason for everything we do. When it comes to guys, while they may not always know how they are flirting, you can decipher some of their seemingly cryptic flirtations by reading below!

Flattery Getting Him Everywhere?

If he’s laying on the compliments thickly enough to flatter 99% of the female population, chances are he’s slick with his words and quite smooth with the ladies. If his flattery comes across as rehearsed, you have to question whether he perceives you as more than just a good lay.

Eye Groping

Roving eyes over every inch of you obviously signifies sexual attraction. No doubt he’s thinking of you sans-apparel, so while he may not be suggesting he wants to know every aspect of you with this look, you do know exactly what this type of flirting communicates.

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Moving in Close

If he leans into your personal space it usually means he wants to touch you and get to know you better. Whether with his face or body, you know he’s thinking of a kiss or something more with his close-up body language.

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It is human nature to touch the things you are attracted to. If he’s touching you, he’s into you. Even a touch on the arm is a sign he’s trying to connect to you.


Many men can get nervous flirting and can come across as fidgety. If he keeps playing with his hair, his clothes, etc. he could easily be shy and nervous about talking to you, which shows a sweet side of him for sure!

Hands in the Belt Loops

Often interpreted as a macho stance, thumbs in the belt loops suggest he’s trying to impress a girl. This also draws your attention to that area of his body, which obviously has sexual power.

Torso Pointing

If the center of his body is pointing directly at you, this is a sign that you are the most important thing to him in the room at the moment. A guy really into you will be facing you this way while probably doing any of the above signs of attraction.

No Jumping to Conclusions

All of these represent signs that he’s probably into you. But remember to keep things in perspective and try not to read too much into any one thing. Be aware, take notes, and have fun!

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  1. maria

    good point how about a guy who sings your name song when you call him???

    songs like west side story or sound of music

    is he crazy???


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