Your Soulmate Forecast for 2013

Your Next 12 Months in Love!

Is 2013 the year you’re going to find your soulmate? Or if you thought you already had, but you’ve been struggling, will it be time to cut the cord? Whatever your relationship status, the new year brings new astrological auspices. Find out what they mean for you in your soulmate forecast for 2013. What will 2013 mean for you in the soulmate department? Get a love reading from Psychic Josie ext. 5520 to find out!


You’ve learned a lot about yourself over the last year or two (courtesy of Saturn). You know what you want now and if you’re frustrated you don’t have it, plenty of opportunities will come your way in 2013. Most notable, Venus and Mars join forces this spring (April to be exact), making you irresistible and helping to ensure a positive pairing with loads of potential. If you’re already coupled up, remember this: In making sure your own needs are met, be sure not to step all over your partner’s.


Saturn demands you to confront some tough questions this year, Taurus, and almost all of them will be related to relationships. How you deal with the people in your inner circle will be the focus of your romantic activities during this time, and you’ll have to learn not to be so bossy. That is, of course, unless you’re a pushover, in which case you’ll have to learn how to assert yourself and your needs delicately. An old flame may reappear in March—whether to reconcile or simply get closure is the question. April brings a fresh start, just in time for spring. Don’t let summer’s fire extinguish a good thing.


Don’t let lust get in the way of an existing pairing in the early months of 2013. Single or entwined, these first flames of the year are likely to burn brightly—but die quickly. Whether you engage or not, early spring will be tough going as balances is an issue. Luckily, things pick up in the love department from late May as Venus, Mercury and eventually Mars join forces to enhance your sex appeal and romantic sensibilities. September either solidifies or ends things as you know them in the love department.


Your most intimate relationship holds the focus of your year—but the task is not to place all of your energy into one person or pairing. Rather, it’s time for you to learn to split your energies. If you expect too much from your lover, you’re bound to wind up disappointed, but the same goes for your job, your friends, your pursuits and yourself. Translation? Life balance enhances your bond with your partner by enabling you to help each other grow. Look to June for an ease of stress and some excitement in your relationship!


If you’ve been unhappy with your situation (single or paired), things will come to a head this year. What happens is a matter of your choosing. Intimacy is a scary endeavor for you, Lion, but it may be what you’re craving in the first quarter of the year. If so, you’ll have to be willing to offer as much as you expect. Spring brings with it some fresh air in the romance department—either a shifted relationship or a new paramour. Summer may feel more mercurial than usual, but odds are good that by mid-September your situation will have sorted itself out one way or the other and you’ll be well on your way to the love you desire.


Communication is even more important than ever, Virgo. You must focus on listening as much as you do speaking if you want to satisfy your partner. And odds are, they’ll want to be talking. If you’re truly open to what they have to say, this is a time when your opinions are bound to shift. June sees your social life expanding, bringing with it plenty of chances at new love if you’re single as well as a chance to enliven existing relationships.


While the auspices at work bode well for your love life this year, the trick is going to be staying true to yourself. After all, Libra loves being in love, even if it’s with the wrong person. So, you’ll need to shore up the reserves of self-esteem earned while Saturn was in your sign and put your considerable analytic skills to use when assessing potential partners. Sure, no one is perfect, but someone may be perfect for you. Don’t accept any less. Settling will get you no closer to where you want to be. It’ll just bring out your fickleness.


2013 will be wildly intense for you, stinger, and as the zodiac’s most intense sign, that’s really saying something! The first third of the year has you feeling even more passionate than usual—and probably less fulfilled. Even if your needs are being met, it’s being done with fire. Tempers flare and you’re forced to face situations—within your relationship or within yourself—that you haven’t wanted to face. There’s no hiding from reality, anymore. However, by the time Jupiter bestows its benevolence on you in June, you’ll be ready to release whatever it is that isn’t working and move ahead. As the song goes, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


While you usually have trepidation about commitment (even when committed), the first half of 2013 finds you more interested than you’ve ever been in the possibility of true partnership—even if you don’t quite see it yet. Thank Saturn moving through Scorpio for this increased reflection. By March you’re likely to acknowledge the call toward increased emotional intimacy. And good thing too, as you’ll need to be vulnerable in order to face the demons that are knocking at your door. Resolve issues so you can move forward into the more meaningful pairing that comes as Jupiter enters your house of commitment in June. If anyone can find and keep their soulmate this year, archer, it’s you.


Things have been rocky for some time Capricorn, but they settle down this year, giving you the opportunity to put down real roots in a relationship. You’re feeling optimistic—idealistic even—and this encourages you to cooperate with your partner, thus deepening your bond. Doubts are bound to continue at least through the solar eclipse in May, but they may be more in yourself than they are in your partnership. One thing’s for sure, that eclipse indicates a fresh start with the one you’re with or someone new altogether.


Intimacy is not your forte, water bearer. This much we know to be true. It’s not that you can’t commit. You can and often do. But you tend to prefer keeping your cards close to your chest in love, giving you a certain amount of space. In 2013, Jupiter asks you to take a risk and open up. Only by trusting yourself and your partner (or potential partner), will you find the kind of love you want. Be warned though, Pluto, Mars and the Sun suggest that rushing will do you no good either. Proceed carefully but confidently, particularly as Saturn is in retrograde from February to July. Things will lighten up at work after then and give you more room to let your best you shine in love. If you are having trouble balancing your career and your love life, know that you can easily find balance with tips from Psychic Burke ext. 5655.


While it’s important for you to date in the early part of the year, Pisces, you’ll have to do so mindfully. You have a tendency to get caught up in illusion and miss what is right under your nose. Spend this first quarter (until Venus enters your sign) contemplating the differences between what you think you need and what you actually need. From there, your options increase exponentially—so much so that the ultimate commitment could be in the cards for you by year’s end. Just be prepared for some crossed wires along the way thanks to Mercury. Do your best to be true to yourself and communicate clearly in the meantime.

31 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Forecast for 2013

  1. Cheryl

    As for me I can’t communicate well with the opposite sex they look at my face and think I am a gold digger. On the other hand I always end up with broke ass boyfriends. Seems I can’t win

  2. Jamie

    My boyfriend Heath and I have not been together for very long but we both feel like we have been together forever. We both just out of long term realtionships not quite a year ago. Are we going to last or is it just a phase? My ex really messed with my emotions and really hurt my heart. Should it be ok to move on from him? Expecially since he is dating someone that he got pregnant while we were still married? Please help me!!!!

  3. Blade

    Hi, my fullname is David BARNABAS and have been in a relationship with an older woman who’s got grown up kids. Also have kids from my previous marriage but i take care of my own children. My first child is 16 and hers is about 28. Do you see this relationship blooming or what does the future hold for me in this relationship?

  4. Songbird

    Dear Gina,
    I’ve been single for 11 yrs, im wondering if you see me in a relationship in 2013? I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with me.. Please respond

  5. Renee Barbee

    I have truly enjoyed the daily horoscope readings by email for the last year or 2, however, I really need to know an answer to a very important question. I am disabled due to an auto acccident and therefore cannot work. My boyfriend and I were in an accident last September of 2011 and we hired an attorney to sue for pain and suffering because the 23 yr. old girl who hit us let her insurance lapse and my boyfriends insurance must pay us a settlement through the lawyer who we hired but it’s taking FOREVER! Can you please just tell me when you see that money coming? We desperately need it since I can’t work and he is self employed and business is very slow.

    Thank you, Renee

  6. Violet

    I asked a question couple a months ago, if i will fall pregnant this year, but i didn’t get an answer. I’m 37 married heart broken, never been pregnant.

  7. danica

    hello to all..
    just enjoy reading everything here and make them your guide in attaining your ultimate goal in life..
    have a great 2013 everyone!!

  8. elma

    hi, actually all the reading only our guide. not to beleive because we are the one who make our life to decide what we doing in our hand. God said don’t wait need a action and you will see the Big different in our life

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Ella,

    I normally don’t give readings in here so I will make this short and, true to my style of reading……straight forward….

    I do not see any great changes in him, he will come and go, back & forth , like swinging doors ,in and out of your life as long as you allow it….
    …. but overall….your answer is no, he will never be the man nor husband you want him to be…..time for you to let go of him , heal , and move on with your life.

    Make 2013 the year where you stop waiting to live your life to the fullest, set yourself free, to find true happiness….and a real man who will respect and love, and treat you right….as you deserve to be loved.

    Blessed e )O(
    Gina Rose

  10. bella

    “” THINGS HAS BEEN ROCKING 4 SOMETIME 4/OR with US CAPRICORN’S “” U THINK so & FYI that IS AN under statement !! NO & NO & TRY MORE its LIKE been going ON for 4 years !! 2 tell U the truth I have been feeling OPTIMISTIC as well IDEALISTIC myself , so maybe there IS some TRUTH n /2 IT , so I guess WE shall wait & SEE !! thank U 4 UR prediction BECAUSE 4 once its good 411 NEWS 2 appreciate , HAVE AND HEAR !! so it seems like A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 ALL is n ORDER , “” HAPPY NEW YEAR “” !! :)(:

  11. ella

    why we can’t talk to anyone and is you for real if so my question have been for the longest.will my husband come out of the street and be the husband he support to be?You call me i am sitting at home alone i thought you all was real .he is acancer and i am a capricorn.

  12. Andrew N. Ngolloe

    Your statements are so close to the realities of my life. But I don’t have means to get your psychics any further than the emails I read, because I don’t have a credit card-I live in Liberia, Africa. How can I remedy this?

  13. Ginger Fernandez

    I am beginning not to believe any more. Nothing you’ve ever predicted has come to pass. My life is a living hell and the only way out is to disappear.

  14. Lucian Minor

    I was just wondering if the girl in my acting class who is a forner if she is the one for me to marry? Can you please tell me? because it just seems like she likes me and so on. I really like her as well.


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