Your Saturn Forecast for 2013

Delving Deep

The planetary taskmaster is making its way through transformative Scorpio, asking all the big questions and forcing you to answer as they apply to you. How will the ringed one make its presence known in your life this year? Read on to find out your Saturn forecast for 2013!


While recent years have been littered with obstacles in the relationship department, romantic troubles ease up now. However, a settled love life doesn’t eradicate Saturn’s wrath. Your commitments out of love will be tested and you may not feel you’ve got staying power. It’s up to you to decide, but remember, the only way to ensure failure is to give up.


Are you a true grown-up? That’s what Saturn is asking you this year, as you’ll be confronted with situations where your emotional maturity and personal accountability are continually tested. You can choose distance or practice reserve; the difference will be evident in whether you wind up alone. Are you feeling continually tested in a relationship or by life? Psychic Reba ext. 5508 knows why.


You’ll approach your sex life with a new sense of (almost) reckless abandon now, Twins. And that’s a wonderful shift! For the past years, Saturn had been tormenting the area of your chart ruling sexuality, but that’s over now. Look for the spring to return to your step and to your bedroom!


Eroticism is the name of the game, Cancer, as Saturn tasks you with finding the essence of the emotional bonds forged through human sexuality. This can be a painstaking process (intimacy is not always comfortable) and some frustration is likely, but the rewards to you and your relationship cannot be overstated.

“Define your sensuality and sexuality according to what makes you happy.” – Psychic Agnes ext. 5400


Saturn is going to change the way you relate this year Leo. How that change manifests is up to you. If you’ve made choices for the wrong reasons and found yourself mired in compromise, there will be no escape. You’ll be forced to face your role in the current situation and feel the repercussions before moving on.


Money flows more freely thanks to Saturn’s exit from Libra. In keeping with the hierarchy of needs (which states that once your survival is assured, you’re free to pursue headier matters), this elevates your interests and deepens your thinking. As you become more acquainted with yourself, you’re inclined to explore spirituality and philosophy.


Saturn’s exit from your sign has left you feeling comfortable in your skin. That’s not to say things will be easy now, but the existential crisis is over now and the focus has shifted to making money. Your financial fortitude and how you earn a living are highlighted; you’ll have to work hard, but the rewards are plentiful.


While Neptune and Venus are encouraging you to drift off into romantic illusions, Saturn insists on a practical, responsible path. The choices you’ll have to make may feel forced, but the point of this exercise is to keep you grounded in your body with maximum awareness—of yourself and the world around you—despite the obstacles. If you can strengthen your core, you can handle anything.


Your physical energy is called into question as Saturn causes you to question your confidence and makes a go at your morale. You’ve got to take care of yourself from the inside in order to be able to keep up with the demands being placed on you!


Luckily, Saturn has left your house of career, clearing the obstacles from your path professionally—and you know there were many! Now, the focus is on hard work and perseverance. If you can hang in there, you can succeed. The question is, do you believe that?


Saturn is the ultimate planetary task master. And not only do you hate following rules, you despise authority. That’s going to have to change a little over these next three years Aquarius, as the ringed one transits through your career house, forcing you to learn discipline and patience!


While Saturn forces you to face some financial difficulties, it also bids you to turn inward, developing your own philosophy on life. This leads to a deepening of understanding (of yourself and the world around you) as well as a philosophical renaissance. Embrace the questions and you will emerge with a new maturity that will serve you well. So many questions and not many answers? A reading with Psychic Charlie ext. 5277 can help!

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  1. farraj

    i am a continuous reader of your newsletters and emails , i am feeling that some positive is going to happen to my life. thanks and God bless you

  2. rebecca sue tidmore

    my family is hurting me over my mothers will they still lie it has to stop because they are killing my heart and soul nobody to talk to

  3. Randy

    I have got to get better from the demands made on me in the past and cruel things that has happened already or I might not have to worry about next yr.

  4. Andrew N. Ngolloe

    Your statements are very close to the realities of my life. I look forward to the possitive
    changes you are predicting in the name of the lord- Jesus Christ.


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