Your Numerology Forecast: The Perfectionist Recluse

February 28 to March 6, 2011

On Tuesday, we switch gears and move into March, which is ruled by perfectionist, reclusive Universal 7.

Interestingly, this month’s energies work extremely well in tandem with our Universal 4 Year. Although 4 longs for perfection for practical reasons, 7 focuses its fierce concentration on perfection for its own sake. Neither is afraid of hard work, and both are very persistent, so they make a great team, paving the way for you to make significant progress in planning, systems analysis, and brainstorming product development as well as corporate and personal evolution.

With the notable exception of havoc-creating Uranus’ return to energetic Aries next week (and the attendant uproar), March is fairly peaceful astrologically, making it somewhat easier for you to carve out the kind of silence and order which 7 needs for maximum effectiveness. And, because 7 and Uranus are both about flashes of genius, psychic ability and world-changing insights, the possibility of discovering new paths into a surprising future is very strong this month.

While this Universal 7 Month is beneficial for 4s, using 7’s energy effectively could be challenging for 1, 3, 6, 9, 11 and 22, not least because of 7’s critical nature and introverted need for solitude. 2, 5 and 8 will have to work extra hard to overcome sharp differences in motivation and style.

Monday – This last day of the cozy combination of a 6 Month and a 4 Year is somewhat tarnished by the self-focused presence of a Universal 7 Day. Let 7’s genius help you complete organizational projects.

Tuesday – Ambitious 8 ushers in a new month, helping you keep your eye on the goal, while Venus (love, values) blends a cooperative meeting with Uranus (change and chaos) and a later shift into Aquarius to match this 7 Month’s focus on intellect.

Wednesday – Compassionate, humanitarian 9 energy helps you see the forest and the trees today, and teaches you how to manage both sustainably.

Thursday – Challenges from last Friday’s transformational Pluto encounters may resurface today, but this time you’ll not only know what to do about it, you’ll be supported by the energy and drive of this Universal 1 Day.

Friday – Relationships are the dominant concern on any Universal 2 Day, so let 2’s natural focus on diplomacy, harmony and sharing guide your heart.

Saturday – Under the influence of today’s deeply spiritual New Moon in Pisces, active, gregarious 3 may inspire you to attend a group meditation or spend a quiet evening at home with close friends.

Sunday – Don’t let the pragmatic influence of this Universal 4 Day cause you to lose the dreamlike inspiration of yesterday’s New Moon in Pisces. Write it all down, and let this 7 Month help you envision how to make it a reality.

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3 thoughts on “Your Numerology Forecast: The Perfectionist Recluse

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  2. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Verbena, thanks so much. I appreciate the message and the information. You are the best. Huggies, Miss Krystal

  3. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Thanks Verbena-
    As far as numerology, do you ever consider the address or unit number a person lives in for information? Just curious. I have a dear friend who is a numerologist, and she looks at that type of stuff for information. I think that is very interesting, if it is true-

    And what do you think about a mother having two children born on the same day but different month?
    My brother and I are born on the same day, different month-Would our “day” be a significant number also for our mother?

    I would love to have the chance, once again, to sit down and meet you at CP sometime.
    I must say, it appears, out of all the psychics, you are definitely one of them who is so diverse with knowledge of many tools-yet, you are also a medium, which means you can use no tools, as well. I think you are a very well rounded reader. Congrats on your promotion. When is the next book? Would love to read it.
    huggies, miss krystal


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