Your LOVECAST®: Harmonious Cosmic Connections

February 28-March 6, 2011

Harmonious cosmic connections inspire both romantic trysts and friendly encounters this week. Most important is Venus entering Aquarius on Tuesday (through March 25), which energizes socializing for fun and networking for opportunities. Friday’s New Moon in Pisces can bring out your poetic, compassionate or elusive side–at least until 9 p.m. on Saturday, when passionate, impulsive Moon in Aries fires up the rest of the weekend. Best days for socializing: Any day but Sunday early afternoon, when a conflict will likely escalate.

Aries: Venus in Aquarius widens your circle of friends through new social situations. Also, a friendship may turn romantic, or vice versa. Be on the lookout for networking opportunities during group activities. This weekend, an ethereal or imaginative ambiance inspires romance on Friday or Saturday. Expressing your originality makes you the center of attention on Sunday!

Taurus: An innovative approach to socializing, such as meeting someone online, can bring romance during Venus in Aquarius. Look for love during work-related activities and public events, too. A group activity on Friday or Saturday can enliven your relationship or bring in someone new. Revealing your daring side heats up activities in the boudoir on Sunday!

Gemini: The chances of meeting someone from afar or during a class skyrocket during Venus in Aquarius. Envisioning the type of relationship you want will help you manifest someone just right for you. This weekend, you’re especially imaginative when flirting on Friday and Saturday, so release your inner poet! Friends energize and inspire you on Sunday.

Cancer: Venus in Aquarius says it’s time for an objective analysis of your love life, which will help illuminate emotional issues that hinder romance. Heeding your intuitive guidance on Friday and Saturday will increase your chances of attracting love. Romance can also be found during a spiritual gathering. A little wickedness enflames passion on Sunday!

Leo: As Venus in Aquarius blesses your partnership sector, plan some activities with your sweetie or open your heart to new friends–and maybe a new lover, too! During the weekend, going with the flow and being sensitive to the needs of others inspire love on Friday or Saturday. An adventurous or exotic activity ignites romance on Sunday.

Virgo: Getting involved in a project that helps others brings in someone special during Venus in Aquarius. Romance can also be found at work or through a healthy activity. During the weekend, shared activities with your partner or close friend brings satisfaction on Friday or Saturday. Some naughty playfulness can set passion ablaze on Sunday!

Libra: Venus in Aquarius lights up your romance sector, making you a magnet for potential paramours. If you’re already paired, get creative by surprising your sweetie with an enticing gift or outing. This weekend, volunteering can bring a romantic interlude on Friday or Saturday. After an irritating start to Sunday, a twosome tryst brings delight later on!

Scorpio: Beautifying your living environment will make your home a beacon for social activities during Venus in Aquarius. Focus on improving the flow of energy by de-cluttering and rearranging the furniture, as needed. This weekend, your creativity and style, both in and out of the bedroom, makes you irresistible. A party may bring a romantic encounter, too!

Sagittarius: Venus in Aquarius brings out your way with words. Sharing your humor, insights and knowledge will draw admirers. Romance can be found online or during a trip. This weekend, slowing down and listening to your heart brings love on Friday and Sunday. Your natural joie de vivre makes you a magnet for romance on Sunday!

Capricorn: Focusing on being best friends with your partner can improve your relationship during Venus in Aquarius. If you’re solo, starting out as friends will increase your chances for a long-term bond. This weekend, verbalizing your feelings attracts/intensifies love on Friday or Saturday. A getaway will likely bring romance as well. A homey rendezvous may get lusty on Sunday!

Aquarius: Venus in your sign awakens your need for love, so offer your appreciation to your partner, friends and family. If you’re solo, romance will come into your life naturally if you share your true self. During the weekend, your inner altruist inspires love on Friday or Saturday. Your brainpower draws admirers on Sunday, if you avoid divisiveness.

Pisces: The need to connect spiritually with a lover is strong during Venus in Aquarius. Sharing your inner life, dreams and aspirations will inspire love. Activities that help your relationship grow are encouraged, too. This weekend, your innate wisdom and/or mystique inspires romance on Friday or Saturday. An audacious expression of your feelings makes sparks fly on Sunday!

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