I’m a Real Pisces, But I’m Not a Wimp

Your Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars

You are a real Pisces. You are a gifted artist or a kind and competent support to people in need. You are charismatic, brilliant, and well aware of what humanity is crying for and willing to work toward. Like your brother/sister Aquarians, you are driven by your heliacal rising and setting stars and their passionate, fiery natures.

The recently revived astrological technique of determining your heliacal rising and setting stars is gaining in popularity. If you are a Piscean born in the US (or anywhere in Southern Europe, China or Japan), you have Deneb Algedi as your heliacal rising star, the tail of the great Sea Goat, Capricorn. Capricorn also represented the Great Pan, who was the goddess Venus/Aphrodite’s partner in bringing us back our relationship with the earth and our fundamental human qualities. He represents our survival instincts, our knowledge about the laws of life/the universe, along with delight in our beautiful planet and what it means to be human. He prepares those in the Northern Hemisphere for the revival of life – baby humans, animals and plants – all irresistible beauty in the arriving Spring Equinox – a time of birth/rebirth.

So, gentle-hearted Pisceans, your gift is in expressing our common joy and celebration in life in its most beautiful forms. Your music enchants like Pan’s flute, and your words, paintings or computer-generated images remind us all that nothing is more captivating than the beauty of the world around us.

Your Heliacal Setting Star – where your beautiful work is carrying us on a rich wave of inspiration – is Regulus, the Heart of the Lion. Like your Aquarian friends born closer to your birthday, you were meant to grandly share your precious gifts at this time of year. So it’s your time to send that query letter to a publisher, agent or filmmaker, audition your band for that venue you are seeking, or to touch the heart of your boss (he may have one, really!). Use your intuitive skills to decide.

Having Regulus as your heliacal setting star makes you a natural leader, as long as you are serving the common good. You are also the greatest of those wanting to express a sensitive response to all that surrounds you. It may be as abstract as your mathematic view of, and contact to, the universe through enchanting music, or leading others in expressing reverence for our stunningly beautiful planet, or respecting, and being “tuned in” to sensitive, unspoken communications between our fellow humans, our beloved animals, or the magic of the universe. We look to you, intuitive Pisces, to lead the way into new spiritual realms.

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16 thoughts on “I’m a Real Pisces, But I’m Not a Wimp

  1. kyle Ann

    To all my Piscean sisters that commented above about unleashing the rage of a Pisces when they are backed into a corner; LOL! I, too, am the most forgiving, helpful, loyal friend anyone can have…..Until the straw that breaks the camels back! The sweet girl everyone knew so well becomes frightening to even the toughest; usually the enraged Pisces in me comes out as the extreme opposite of what I am. Like the others above, even after winning the fight I am the one who feels the worst!

  2. kyle Ann

    I have often pondered why people see Pisces as weak; I find myself often surrounded by people that want to “help” me when I did not ask nor want help in the first place. I think Pisces are seen as weak because we are often confident and brave enough to show our true emotions; something most people don’t have the courage to show. I guess this would make Pisces the strongest sign rather than the weakest. I think we Pisces are definitely the most misunderstood.

  3. Sailau Salu

    It so funny cause I can relate to all these posts. I am a true Pisces and a winner! To all my Pisces out there WOOP WOOP! Sorry, had bust out with my Compton Carlutta..lol So any I tend to be alot of things. I don’t know what I am looking for in this world as one of long ago friend once laid it out for me, or he probably just wanted to hit it and run. Like most men in my life. But my passion is singing, writing, arts/drawing, poetry, working out, yoga, speaking in front of public, giving speeches, dancing, but none of these things fullfilled me. So I guess u can say I am a lost and empty soul! But not anymore,,,I found the love Christ who died in me and rose again so that I may have life. I pray for health and longevity here on this beautiful green planet so that I may enjoy the reaps of my labor. As we all do. And yes, I am a proud Green Tree Hugger! LOL….God Bless

  4. Gala

    I am a true fish sign.There is nothing I love better than all animals,water, and being a blessing to someone else and to be there for ALL who need me!!! I am a dedicated, sincere,honest, and dependable in all matters of love and relationships. I am sweet but back me in a corner, and you WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!! Break my heart and GOD HELP YOU!!!!!!! Take me for granted and you will find yourself BY YOURSELF!!!!!!! Treat me right and I will be by your side and be there for you through ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. You get from me what you put in only better!!!!!

  5. vicky poteat

    I love being a picean. so true , I am intuitive, sometimes It scares me. I sometime finish the sentence while someone is talking. I m extremly emotional and love taking care of people.

  6. miss merle

    I am a Pisces, I don’t have a lot of confidence but seem to be able to hide that factor. I hate confrontation but if you back me into a corner I will come out fighting and then I will win but i am sad that I had to get that way with someone and it hasn’t happened much.

  7. Verland Talbia Gilliam

    I have taken a few beatings in my life before I get mad enough to fight back and I can honestly say I have NEVER lost a fight. This Pisces has had to be cornered and hurt before his fighting rage develops, and then all hell breaks loose. I sometimes come off as being a little wimpish but just don’t put your hands on me in a threatening manner, and by all means don’t hurt me, for I can be dangerous. Not a wimp !

  8. Margie

    I know God exist, his presence is there, but astrological give us to us how to read and know + about ourselves, knowing our characteristic about human beings. We are all differents in many aspects. Correcting those areas of ourselves that weakens our characters.Astrology is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Janice Ann

    In my younger years family members considered me, a Pisces, as being washy washy. However my astrological sign coupled with my Italian heritage through the years has led me to become a stronger and more aggressive person. Though 76 years old, my intuitive ability is surfacing to a much greater degree. And it is true, I am anticipating reclaiming my artistic, and writing abilities. I have stories to tell, paintings to paint, and continuing on my spiritual climb before its time for me to hang it all up. My first love is music, and singing. It’s sad for me to think sometimes I was so piled on with negativity that I didn’t have the confidence to be a singer. I still sing every day, it’s part of my life, and even at this age I still can carry a tune.! I don’t know why it took me so long to realize what talents I was given as my Pisces birthright. It seems so important for me to now leave something behind and tell my stories through my God given abilities.

  10. Puriidarmayou

    Does that mean Brett Farve shouldda wateid another day to make a decision? He and the Packers fans need to kiss and make up badly. Interesting post Len today I was super depressed until after lunch and then everything changed on a dime. something was revealed at my work that needed to be revealed. The paradigm always changes once a new piece of information emerges that sheds either a good light or a bad light on something or someone. And to stay karma safe (let the dern mud settle), you can’t rejoice in the bad light or it will send a fickle finger of fate back at you almost immediately. I can wait for mud to settle, but what I have trouble with is remaining neutral when the fickle finger is pointing at someone I don’t love very much. haha. Old Brett may rue the day he signed on with the Vikings too.

  11. Mishelle

    Last day of the Basalmic Moon waiting for the mud to slette.Lao Tzu asked the rhetorical question (loosely translated): who can for the mud to slette? . This neatly summarizes the challenge posed by the last few days before the new Moon, especially this one. The consensus of mainstream astrology is that the time of the Basalmic Moon is when emerging problems are revealed, however, it is not an auspicious time to act on them. This afternoon that situation faces the potential of being magnified when the Moon preceeds tomorrow’s conjuction by opposing Jupiter in Aquarius. This would seem to be synchronous with a temptation to premature and / or preemptive reaction. Be patient. Sit with it. Wait for clarification.This evening the same situation shifts when the Moon goes on to oppose the middle member of the Aquarius stellium, Chiron. This can provide the opportunity to bring awareness to injuries and alienation and their connection to our patterns of belief and behavior. This is an important first step in the process of healing, but it would not seem time to make adjustments just yet, rather consider which adjustments are indicated.The Moon’s semixtile to Venus (also this afternoon) would seem to open the door for reciprocal support of each other as we wait for the sediment to clear, revealing a glass abundantly more than half full.Offered In Service,Len Wallick

  12. James Buckalew sr

    I am a true pisces and I was born on February 27,1955 at 1.15am and was blessed by god and am healthy and never been operated on for nothing and was married 27 years and am divorced and have 6 children and 6 grand kids love life to the fuliests

  13. misskrystal

    God Bless this sign as it appears to be one of the most forgiving- They are also very sentimental. Great article. Thanks. Miss Krystal

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Debbie,
    I really enjoy reading your articles on astrology….. your articles not only show just how complex and exact astrology really is , but also illustrates the fact that all individual charts are truly unique.
    A person’s astrology chart is as individual as a fingerprint. I’m never bored reading your astrological insights.
    My Great Aunt,who raised me and mentored me, was a famous psychic and astrologer in her day, many decades ago, and knew Edgar Cayce….She had her own radio talk show, but she also wrote an astrology column for nationally syndicated newspaper among various other articles on astrology and reincarnation. She helped form the library archives at A.R.E when it was just in the very beginning stages of growth. So I know a bit more about astrology than I generally let on….I just don’t discuss astrology much though because I ” read ” , as a psychic, using no tools. Astrology is somewhat of a fascinating hobby of mine though….and I’m a big believer in it.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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