Your Numerology Forecast: A Stable, Secure Platform

February 21 – 27, 2011

The last full week of the cozy combination of this Universal 6 Month in a 4 Year should provide a stable, secure platform for some pretty intense inner work which planetary heavyweights Neptune and Pluto have placed on the agenda this week.

Pluto’s transformational, polarizing influence will be at its most intense Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week (only… whew!). It’s working together with Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4) on Friday to encourage powerful inner shifts and awakenings. The Sun (self) and Mercury (mind) have cooperative encounters with Pluto, which could provide just the wisdom and insight you’ll need to successfully navigate the clash between Jupiter (expansion, opportunity, arrogance) and Pluto, and emerge carrying seeds of the future rather than seeds of destruction.

Otherworldly Neptune is about spirituality, unconditional love, selflessness and, in its negative sense, deception, allergies and addictions. Following the Sun (self), which moved into Neptune-ruled Pisces last week, Mercury (mind, communication) and Mars (ego, will) change signs today and tomorrow, respectively. Sun, Mercury and Mars are at the moment in the early degrees of Pisces, and will each spend only about a month there. However, when coupled with the influence of heavyweight Uranus (sudden change, freedom) which finally leaves Pisces on March 11th, this places a lot of emphasis on Piscean gifts and challenges, especially toward the middle and end of March.

Monday – This Universal 9 Day encourages you to begin this week by wrapping things up, gaining new perspective, and checking your motives. 9 encourages you to think globally while you work locally for the common good.

Tuesday – You get a double dose of energy, starting with the day’s ruler, enthusiastic, brainstorming 1. And while there’s usually a short burst of liveliness whenever Mars changes signs, the fact that it’s moving into Pisces means it’s most successfully applied to spirituality and creativity, rather than practical matters.

Wednesday – Tact, sensitivity, patience and understanding are the gifts of this Universal 2 day. If you’ve been struggling to get cooperation for a position or project, go for it today.

Thursday – This 3 Day encourages you to get out there and shine. Write about it, talk about it, and, above all, apply your creative imagination.

Friday – Today may be tumultuous, and it certainly could end up being one for the books, to say the least. The three encounters with deep, dark Pluto (see introduction), combined with the karmic influence of this 13/4 (1+3=4) day gift you with the opportunity to blast away embedded psychological baggage.

Saturday – Universal 5 Days are about adventure and exploration, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Just don’t sit around doing the same old thing!

Sunday – This Universal 6 Day invites you to participate in an apple-pie, Norman Rockwell kind of day, because 6 dreams of baking bread, frilly aprons, heart to heart talks and small towns as the best that life has to offer.

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