Your Numerology Forecast: A Wise and Compassionate Focus

Maintaining the wise and compassionate focus of this 9 Universal Month hasn’t been easy so far, and will be challenging through this week, thanks to the lightning-bolt presence of Uranus in the sign of Aries the Ram, intensified by both Jupiter and Mercury.

For anyone who experienced surprises and excitement (both pleasant and unpleasant) around May 27 and at the end of last week, you can expect another jolt by Tuesday when Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) and Uranus (freedom and invention) meet in go-getting Aries. Don’t expect to snooze through these encounters!

Monday: Intellectual 7 could help you focus and analyze today in spite of all the scattered, disorganized and antsy influences surrounding you. But no matter how much you want to bust through obstacles, you’ll accomplish more if you wait till tomorrow.

Tuesday: Big business and multinational concerns prosper today for several reasons, starting with the vibration of this organized, expansive Universal 8 Day. Add the charged-up influence of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries (see above), and the stabilizing, practical effect of Mercury (mind) with Saturn (structure), and you can accomplish miracles.

Wednesday: The influence of this 9 Universal Day in a 9 Month makes it an excellent time to gain perspective and some closure regarding the rapid-fire shifts brought about by Uranus in the past weeks. Mercury (mind, communications) works with Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) and Uranus (freedom and invention) to help you not only make sense of it all, but communicate your conclusions to others.

Thursday: This Universal 1 Day knows exactly what to do with the charged-up atmosphere of the week – blast through barriers and initiate new projects!

Friday: This could be an uncomfortable day, because dreamy, visionary Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) rules, but its sensitivity may find the week’s intensity a bit overwhelming. Also, the argumentative meeting between Mercury (mind) and Mars (will and action) won’t help, so be good to yourself and delay confrontations till the weekend if you can.

Saturday: At last! This fun-loving Universal 3 Day encourages you to put on your fancy duds, beach wear or hiking boots and give yourself a break today. Just leave your credit cards at home, because the intensity of the week’s astrology could make it all too easy to be extravagant.

Sunday: What have you learned in the past two weeks, and what changes do you want to consider as a result? This Universal Karma Number 13/4 day is the perfect time to apply new insights to old structures and assumptions.

The numerology in these weekly forecasts is Universal rather than Personal. It describes trends and energies which affect everyone. To learn how to calculate your Personal year, month and day, check out the new “What’s Your Power Number?”

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