Your Numerology Forecast: Freedom and Change

There’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on this week, thanks to some intense and significant planetary activity.

Wednesday brings a Full Moon in big-dreamer Sagittarius, while the planet Uranus, catalyst of freedom and change, pays its first visit to dynamic Aries since the 1930’s, which should introduce some startling new directions in the coming months.

In addition, Saturn, ruler of structure, order and responsibilities, is a stronger than usual influence this week as it prepares to move forward again on Sunday in perfectionist Virgo. And, last but not least, the planet Neptune, bringer of dreams, spirituality and deceptions, is also strong in futuristic Aquarius as it prepares to go into retrograde (backward) motion next Monday.

These clashing planetary energies will likely stir things up all week, so pay attention to the challenges each planet is likely to bring, and let the dependable, cyclic rhythm of numerology help you find clarity and stability.

Monday – Karmic Challenge Number 14/5 (1+4=5) foreshadows the introduction of Uranus into Aries later this week, so let the day’s transformational energies inspire you to allow fresh ideas to blow through musty old assumptions and habits.

Tuesday – Comfy, cozy 6 rules the day, encouraging you to replenish yourself by devoting time and energy to home, community (personal and professional), and loved ones.

Wednesday – Analytical precision and deep thinking are the gifts of this 7 Universal Day. Use the energy to dissect and understand issues brought to the surface by the week’s intense astrology.

Thursday – Today is full of power! The broad vision and executive abilities of this 8 Universal Day join an expansive Full Moon in Sagittarius, and Uranus as it moves into hard-charging Aries, to create blastoff level potential.

Friday – Humanitarian 9 urges you to expand your thinking to a more global perspective, and to wrap up any projects or issues which are ready for completion.

Saturday – The buoyant, fired-up energies of this 1 Universal Day will help you overcome the rather heavy presence of Saturn. Use Saturn’s influence to help you be more practical and grounded as you start new projects.

Sunday – Spiritual, visionary Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) will encourage you put to good use the restrictive influence of Saturn as it appears to stand still in the sky today. Saturn bestows the gift of stability, helping 11/2 envision more practical dreams.

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