Unlock the True Secret of Power

A psychic just knows. The word knowledge comes from the Greek word Gnosis, which might also be translated to insight or enlightenment. Gnosis is a knowledge of the heart. It is the complete understanding that comes from the soul or the mind. This is closely tied in to what a psychic is and does.

During the days when the great thinkers of Greece (Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, etc.) were studying the knowledge compiled by the Egyptians in their mystery schools, this Gnosis was thought to be too dangerous to reveal to the common man. Having knowledge and wisdom meant that one had become a “son of God.” Julius Caesar, who ruled Rome during the days of the great Jewish temple that was built by King Herod, called himself the “son of God.” Gnosis meant that one was godlike… and more. Knowing the sacred knowledge of the heart not only freed one from his worldly bonds, it also allowed the wise to lead their fellow men, as they had obtained the internal insight they needed to do so. Knowing the truth will set you free. And experiencing truth for oneself is the process of enlightenment.

This is a very old tradition. The earliest texts of man on earth speak of obtaining knowledge. Enlightened times were based on the re-discovery of inner knowledge. During the enlightened periods of history, art and wisdom flourished. The Renaissance period in Europe is an example.

Dark times found things being turned around, as Christians were sacrificed by the Romans. Later in history, we find heretics being burned as witches. Over the years, this idea of secret knowledge that was withheld from the common man was misused in order to control the masses.

So what was the big secret?

The secret could not be taught, but only experienced for oneself. It dealt with inner knowledge. This inner knowledge need not escape you today in modern times. There is no longer a need for secrecy, such that only the Elite can know.

This secret can be found by your own seeking in today’s world. Perhaps one of our psychics can assist you in beginning your journey.

6 thoughts on “Unlock the True Secret of Power

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  4. Amelia

    Very nice and so true. Aristotle Plato and Socrates were known to be Astronomers as well as The Wise Men (Philosophers) they were. Much of what we know today as Astrology is based on their research and findings. It feels as though we are getting back to the days of these wise men because we are all so curious and learning and becoming educated. We are gaining inner knowledge, learning about “The Secret” and beginning to live ‘enoightened lives.”
    Enjoy the journey!



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