Your Numerology Forecast: Challenge and Spice

This is your last week to take advantage of the hard-working, focused, and organized Universal 4 energy of January. February will be a wild and crazy 5 Month, so get ready! Several astrological events add challenge and spice to the week, and this 4 Month’s grounded focus will help everyone stay steady. The astrological dustups include 1) the clash of Mars with Venus and the Sun, 2) the Full Moon — as it shines a light into the hidden activities of Mars during its retrograde, and 3) the second Saturn-Pluto square, which — although it is exact on Sunday — affects all of this week and the next.

Week of January 25 – 31, 2010

Monday – This 11/2 (1+1=2) day gets a boost from the fact that Jupiter has now taken up residence in dreamy Pisces, making it easier to have big visions, but harder to discern which ones are daydreams and which have potential. Write them down and reassess on the next 7 or 8 Day.

Tuesday – This 3 Day will help you use friendship and creativity to deal with the eruption of old emotional issues, especially ones which surfaced during November and December. Take notes, because the discussions will come up once more, in April.

Wednesday – The Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4) makes this a transformational day, and the last opportunity for a while to use 4 Month energies to build something new from old beliefs and systems.

Thursday – Continuing the transformational sequence, this 14/5 (1+4=5) Day helps you let go of what stands in the way of your ability to emerge fully into your true potential. Alchemy is afoot.

Friday – Tempers may bristle and upsetting things may come to light, but you can use the supportive, family- and group-oriented energy of this 6 Day to create compromise and healing.

Saturday – At last, peace and quiet will allow you to sort through the challenges and possibilities which erupted this week, while this 7 Day powers up your intuition and intellect.

Sunday – This 8 Day helps you bring your own power to this second of three meetings between Saturn and Pluto. This highly charged astrological cycle, which runs from November 2009 to August of this year, asks you to look past fear and squabbles over power and limited resources and — as 8 is supremely equipped to do — commit to meeting the need for change with courage and dynamic creativity.

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