Your Top 10 Sex Matches

We received an overwhelming number of comments to our post, Sex Boosts by Element … most everyone who responded shared their most amazing sex matches. Here are the top 10 highlights from our readers:

1. Gemini to Gemini was an amazing combo. There are always four of you in the room trying to please and be pleased. There is a lot of steamy conversation to boot! – Allyson

2. How about Scorpio woman and Aquarius man? Sex out of this world! Can go on for hours and even days! Amazing, extraordinary, magical…soulmate! – Chicasol

3. Scorpio man, Cancer woman…like NOTHING I’ve ever, EVER, experienced before. It’s almost too much to handle at times frankly. – Linda

4. Cancer man and Capricorn woman … VERY EXPLOSIVE! – Tbear4 good

5. We invented sex when it comes to the Taurus and Capricorn. We make the earth move. A very erotic blend. – acs2009she

6. Taurus and Taurus — two Earth signs, can definitely make the Earth move. – Ken

7. Scorpio and Scorpio is pretty intense also. Got to love those water signs : ) – Kay

8. Scorpio and Leo are another great combo in the bedroom. Some think that water and fire are not good together, but we can fill the bedroom with steam. – Carol

9. Cancer and Virgo — hot, imaginative, and just plain incredible! – Masantelli59

10. I have to say that, at age 57, I have had my share of romps, to say the least. I am a Scorpio and have never been inhibited in any way at all. It is totally about leaving your mind open and then all else follows … however, this Sagittarius man that I share my bed with now is so incredibly RAVENOUS, strong, attentive, masterful, exciting, gifted and never, ever fails to bring heaven to earth. Amazing, explosive, hot, incredible. Just want to consume each other! I feel like I could live off this alone. My body now does things even I cannot believe! This man nails it — he’s masterful. – Sherry

43 thoughts on “Your Top 10 Sex Matches

  1. bombing bastards

    am aquarius male and what the hell am i doing ere among all these ladies
    to me, best was and is aries (on all levels, its sizling hot, powerful, thrilling, adventurous, fun)
    then its cancer, very nurturing, very satisfying, very tender
    and then those libra airheads, they climax so easily
    tried them all bar scorpio

  2. tinki

    hi, i am a gemin/scorpio. had serious relationships with men cancer and sex was amazing! Maybe best one i’ve ever had! Aries, must say were boring and possessive but now i am falling for pieces and have no idea how it will go..

  3. Donna Lecia Phares

    i feel any two sun signs can and do produce love if the individuals re aware of their higher selves. there are so many more factors involved than just great sex connections ,one cannot determine compatibility on that aspect of our nature.

  4. crazymamma2010

    What about Aries woman and Aquarius men ? Let me tell you that is one off the wall fiery duo. I have never in my life have i ever had a better lover, it is completly hot, sensual extremely intense filled with passion. I honestly cant find the words to explain how good this duo is. All you Aries woman out there, if you want to find an Aquarius man then snatch up on him and dont ever let him go. It would be the best thing that ever happened to you.

  5. moonlight

    Capricorn and Aquarius – Absolutely burning fire – Hmmm —- I do not have many many experiences but — IO am capricorn woman and I had experiences with Virgo (not bad) and Pisces (love making out – more making out than sex – well love making ) — But I got together with an Aquarius because he was so dam gorgeous and attractive ,…. and it was Dynamite —- we were together for 8 months … we both were busy and independent, so we had most of our dates at home (which we allways started with Making love folloowed by hours of talk) it was sooo good that we never went for seconds ) we never talked about it but we both were so happy and satisfied with the first —- we could not wait to touch as soon as saw each other
    Amazing – Miss him 🙂

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  8. Rina Williams

    I want to know about Leo & Capicorns. We use to have an intense relationship but now it’s so boring, and withdrawn

  9. Carmen

    I am with Baby B and Carolyn. I am a Virgo and absolutely LOVE Geminis. Scorpios were also great and so was a Leo I was with. Issue though, couldn’t get along with the Leo outside of the bedroom 🙂

  10. Nadine

    For me a Cancer woman, the Taurus male provided earth shattering climaxes, Aquarius was deep and hot, Leo fiery and passionate.

  11. MK

    I have read many other remarks on relationships and sexual experiences. Well, I’m going to tell you by far the most “EXPLOSIVE EXPERIENCE”, erotic blend,amazing,extraordinary,soul reaching and magical love making I’ve ever experienced. Once you’ve experienced it not one or the other person can live with out it and you find yourself needing,wanting and having to come back for more. It reachs thru to the deepest part of your emotions and soul so you connect on every level within. All I can say is it is “”OUT OF THIS WORLD AND BEYOND WHAT ANYONE CAN PUT INTO WORDS!!!”” We’re both in our mid to late 40’s and we agree on this whole heartedly. I’m a Sagittarius women and he’s a Scorpio man and not one of us have ever experienced anything like this in our wildest dreams. I wish everyone could experiences this. All we can say is “WOW!!!!!!!”

  12. B.

    I am also Oct 22–I have the hots for a Pisces and I thought he did for me too…but he’s very elusive. A Capricorn and a Scorpio were thrilling. B.

  13. Jay

    currently seeing a sagg and I am a Pisces and completely agree that this is the best match I’ve ever had sexually! I’ve dated Virgos, Libras, Aquarius, Leos, and by far Sagg tops out the rest

  14. zany

    I am a Capricorn and I have had a few lovers but the one I have not experienced is an Aries(the desire is intense)and only a Scorpio was the best yet. Should I go for it?

  15. Dorluv

    omg u r right on the button with taurus and cancer. “Cancer – Taurus Indescribable! Earth Moving! Mind blowing! A high like never before” With him Im on a sex high.

  16. K

    Hi there Veronica 🙂
    I’m K. and I’m Oct.22nd too!
    And, I feel I’m both Libra and Scorpio myself.
    Matter of fact in the first half of my life *everyone* thought I was a Scorpio.One was even an astrologer!
    Anyway, wanted to let you know that our birth charts tell us so much more.
    In other words, perhaps the Scorpio you’e enjoying so much has Venus or Mars in Libra.
    Or maybe you also have Venus or Moon in Scorpio.
    Most likely–you both have Venus and Mars Conjunct or in Opposition –perhaps even in Scorpio.
    You probably know all this already, LOL,but in case you didn’t I figured I’d mention it. 😉
    Nice to meet another Oct.22nd woman.

  17. Katherine

    I’m a sagittarius woman and recently got it together with an aquarius woman and the chemistry is so strong i’m surprised the room didn’t catch fire… 😉

  18. Veronica

    I’m a Libra girl (Oct 22, I consider myself half-Scorpio and it’s true that I’m a mix of the two) ~ the best matches were Cancer and Capricorn but Virgo was also good. The worst pairing was Aquarius and Leo.
    But the “numero uno”, the absolute perfection is a Scorpio… he just feels by intuition what I need and when. He’s the perfect match, I saw others highlighted the Scorpio-Scorpio pairing, but none mentioned the Libra-Scoprio so I guess it’s my Scoprio side he is such a perfect pairing with!

  19. Jacqueline

    I am a Cancer and I would have to say the two signs that stick out the most for me were Taurus and another Cancer (even though the Cancer and I were only sexually matched..). I’ve never had a Scorpio partner, but after reading all the rave, Im curious lol. I think by far the worst match for me was Aquarius!

  20. Marianne

    As a Sagg; gosh almost any combo works for us! However, I will say that my current Pisces is the very, very best. If a couple can take fire and water and make steam 😉 what more can one ask?

  21. L

    Cancer – Capricorn…25 yrs of wham bam thank you mam! Cancer – Taurus Indescribable! Earth Moving! Mind blowing! A high like never before!

  22. Vicki

    I’m a Sag and for the longest time, I thought my best match was another Sag, but turns out my second Pisces is an INCREDIBLE lover!!

  23. Diana

    What about us Pisces. Cancer and virgo were my best signs, or so I thought till I met my current SCORPIO, makes my heart pound just thinking about him. Noone mentioned Pisces / Scorpio match but I find it to be absolute. Diane

  24. Barbi

    Well, my second husband and I were Pisces/Pisces and we were not compatible though our birthdays were a day apart…my third hubby and I am three days apart and were are hot and heavy and have been so in love. We dated when he was 17 and I was 20…that was 26 years ago…we have a love that is true and we are soul mates.

  25. adlforme

    I am feelin this Scorpio as a matter of fact have had two Scorpio men NOTHING LIKE IT! No one can do me like a SCORPIO. I am a Taurus.

  26. Wabox

    One of the best lovers I had was a Scorpio! The passion, was mind blowing! I am an Aries, and felt that passion in my free spirit, and his sensuality was the best!… When we run into each other when I return home for a visit, there is that “knowing” look between us…
    Our timing was never on time together, I was married, he was single. He got married I got divorced. He told me he loved me 2 days before I planned on moving 10 hours away for a new start… He found me on FB, left me a message saying Im still looking hot!… to bad..


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