Pet Soulmates

Animals do reincarnate, and it is a spiritual law that love will always draw us back together again with those we have loved in the past. It’s heart-warming to realize that we can never be separated from a beloved animal forever.

My brothers and I are all able to remember our previous lifetimes, and I am able to see the previous incarnations of others. Growing up, it was normal in our household to have discussions about our shared past experiences which spanned several centuries. My mother was skeptical about this reincarnation idea. But what happened with our dogs changed her mind.

Our dog Lady was a purebred, black Alsatian (similar to a German Shepherd), who came from Africa. She was obedience-trained and my father wanted to breed her. The only problem was that she always refused. The problem was that she was in love. Her boyfriend was a tiny black and white mongrel who always visited whether or not she was in heat. My father did not approve.

Years went by. Lady was so well trained that she could be left outside alone and never leave the property. But one day she saw her boyfriend on the neighbor’s driveway and could not resist running to see him. My father ran out and screamed at her to come in. From wagging tails and sniffing noses, her head went down and she sadly slinked indoors. Not long after this she got cancer and died — never having bred.

Several years passed and our family was begged to adopt a purebred German Shepherd female who had no papers because she was the product of an unverified breeding. Her parents had jumped the fence. Inja was small like an Alsatian, and what convinced my mother of reincarnation was not just how identical her personality was to Lady’s, but that their barks were completely the same. When she heard an old tape that my brothers had made, the lights went on for her.

Soon the boyfriend showed up. This time he had papers. And he was imported. He was an exquisite German Shepherd gentleman with a white ruff tuxedo. He would visit day and night whether or not she was in heat. The only problem (isn’t there always a problem with soulmates?) was that he was too much of a gentleman to take food or water from us. So after about three days, he would go home. But he would always return, much to Inja’s relief.

The drama was eventually resolved when the boyfriend’s owner, a young man, decided to move back in with his parents, who did not want a dog around. He told us that we could have his dog because he was always at our house anyway. The two dogs were so happy they were literally both leaping in the air. They went on to raise two litters of puppies. True love always wins in the end.

10 thoughts on “Pet Soulmates

  1. Kallista ext. 9623

    Hi Bridget,
    What a wonderful true love story! I so appreciate how you verify that animals fall in love just like people do. Thank you for that. It’s awesome that you say true love always wins in the end. You are quite right.
    Kallista ext.9623

  2. Cierra

    Is there any way i can find out if my cat is back or if he is human or not?

    he died on December first after my old roommate’s roommate kicked him in the face after i denied him 5 dollars for his beer.

    i miss him so much. he was an orange and white tabby named Puscifer. He has a black and white sister named Luna

  3. Laura

    Hi everyone
    I had a dream about my Arabian horse when I was a child. In the dream, my Spirit Guide told me the horse’s name. About 3 yrs ago I was searching for a horse. I looked at literally hundreds of horses. When I saw her baby picture, my heart skipped a beat! I knew she was the one! We have a unique bond. I’ve had many horses over the years but I’ve never had such a special bond with a horse. I had a psychic reading and asked what the significance was of the name I heard in the dream. I didn’t tell her anything about my horse. She told me it was a name I’ve used for many lifetimes whenever I had a beloved pet that was female. We also have another horse that I believe is a reincarnation of a gelding that I had when I was a child. He has the same habits and same mannerisms.He also has similar markings. He’s a Paint. I also was drawn to ths horse when I saw his picture. As soon as my Arabian saw this horse, she jumped a 5 ft fence to get closer to him. They acted like old friends from the start and are very attached to each other! I enjoy hearing heartwarming animal experiences. It’s a relief to know that we’ll continue to enjoy their company in the future!I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. Peace!

  4. sevierah

    very touchy…i’d like to believe that my snoopy has a soul mate too,he is so loving its amazing how animals can change one’s life,somehow they always have a way of getting into ur times i feel like i have known my dog before..i know it might sound crazy but i often wonder if its maybe someone who i had known who had passed dog loves me and is so protective of me he follows me everywhere….in the next life i’d still want to be with him

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Bridget ….
    What a cool story !!!!! …..animals most certainly do reincarnate…..and do have emotions….personal likes and dislikes.
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500
    PS…I have a solid black Tenesee Walker 1-1/2 year old filly, named Lightning, waiting for me on the other side when I cross back over to stay.
    Lots of Karma there.!

  6. believerBeliever

    What a heart warming story! I just loved it…thank you for sharing! I never knew that animals have soulmates with other animals friends, that’s fascinating!


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