Your Moon Forecast for October 2012

Preparing for Winter

Traditionally known as the Hunter’s Moon, this month’s Full Moon arrives on October 29, bringing with it the implication that the time has come to shore up for the colder months, figuratively speaking. What does this mean for you?

Here’s your lunar forecast for October.


Last month’s Harvest Moon marked the half way point in your astrological year, Aries. You can now see where you stand in comparison to where you set out to be around your birthday. Adjust accordingly. 


While Saturn and Mercury complicate matters for you this month, the Full Moon in your sign sheds light on relationships and refocuses your energy. It’s not your style to rush into things, so don’t change that now.


The New Moon on October 15 is most directly related to you, Twins. It imbues you with a new sense of balance and well-being for the second half of the month. Enjoy!


While the New Moon may be especially difficult for you, the Full Moon on the 29th will allow you to finally be rid of whatever it is that’s been dogging you whether it’s a complicated relationship, an addiction or an outdated modus operandi.


Your confidence is bolstered by the New Moon on the 15th. That said, it’s important to remain conservative in your approach to all things relationship oriented, including work. The Full Moon asks you to compromise.


You’re still feeling the positive effects of September’s New Moon. This is only made better with the Full Moon at month’s end when your personal power enters an upswing.


The solar return is always ripe for rebirth Libra, and this year is no different. Especially fortunate is the time around the New Moon mid-month. It’s your time to shine!


Productivity is at an all time high this month, Scorpio. Venus and Mercury are in your corner throughout October and the Full Moon on the 29th simply seals the deal, ushering in a time of good fortune in the areas most important to you.


You’re feeling optimistic and unusually organized this month, Sag. Take advantage by getting things in order. The New Moon extends this influence and enables you to accomplish more than you know. Seize the energy!


Though you may be feeling frustrated, the New Moon mid-month helps you achieve your goals, even if it’s just by a hair. Luckily, you’re imbued with a sweet and affectionate spirit courtesy of Venus, so the struggles won’t weigh as heavily.


Mars, Mercury and the Moon seem united to work against you this month, Aquarius. While things are not easy, Uranus helps bolster you. Take what you can wherever you can get it!


The Moon encourages you to take on as much responsibility as possible this month, fishes. By challenging yourself, you’re bound to reap rewards. This is especially true around the Taurean Full Moon on the 29th.

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