7 Guys You Should Date Before You Get Married

Before taking the big plunge into blissful married life, it’s good to shop around the dating market with variety in mind. Not only will you discover what you want and don’t want in a partner, but the dating exposure to different types of men will broaden your mind regarding your own options and preferences. Here are some “types” of men that you may want to put on your dating list in the hopes of gaining invaluable experience and knowledge about yourself and your life choices. Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!
The Starving Artist

While he may not be able to pick up the dinner tab, his freedom to live his life at the whim of his creative impulses can introduce a partner to a heap of passion and a different perspective—living each moment to the fullest.

The Successful Businessman

A man of stability and control can make for a very enticing partner. His career success can lead to a more confident and comfortable lifestyle for him and his partner, so long as you respect what he does and you feel he finds enough time for the relationship too!

The Geek

He may not be the smoothest guy in the room, but his intellect and quirky habits can make for an entertaining partner with massive stores of knowledge you have only to tap into to enhance your own life!

The Adventurist

Living every day with a sense of adventure and passion will definitely make you feel alive, and may invite other hobbies into your life that you love which you never would have discovered without him. Want to open up your sex life with some new adventures? Liam ext. 9290 can help!

The Socialite

The social charmer can introduce you to all types of environments and situations you may otherwise never have experienced. Learning people skills and making different types of friends can expand your world immensely.

The Simple Kind of Man

Keeping it simple can definitely have its perks, and while variety can be the spice of life, adding too much spice and complication into your life and mind can drain and overwhelm you. If he’s got the important things nailed down in life and leaves the details to the universe, that’s not a bad lesson to learn!

The Casanova

A suave man of the world can teach a women to feel comfortable with her sexuality. He’ll also teach you that while he may be a sexy bed partner, if he ultimately can’t be discretionary with his passions (i.e., a one-woman man) you’ll probably tire sooner rather than later from being just one more woman in a long line of conquests!

2 thoughts on “7 Guys You Should Date Before You Get Married

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I prefer geeks…..well educated, for the most part humble and modest , & they are usually loyal too.

    They can be lots of fun, in a quirky-eccentric way.

  2. Robin Bednarczyk

    You should add military man under that list, or would that be the “adventurist”? Military men ooze the “real man” type MAN. Plus they’re bad asses who know TRUE loyality and how to BE loyal, after all – when they’ve served in the military, they have that one quality embedded into their minds. And to me, loyality trumps alot of relaionship qualities.


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