Your Labor Day Forecast

The Last Hoorah of Summer

On August 31, Mercury joins the Sun in Virgo just as the Moon goes full in Pisces. On September 1, Mercury opposes Neptune in Pisces, making it a perfect day for a party, but not for paperwork—good thing it’s Saturday. On Sunday, Venus in Cancer squares Saturn in Libra. Your biggest problem should be choosing a party to attend that makes everyone happy. On Labor Day, Mars in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Socializing could result in meeting people who can help boost your bottom line. Start mingling.

Aries: Enjoy a fun-filled weekend and later this week when Venus moves into Leo, it could be the start of your most romantic and financially beneficial season.

Taurus: With Jupiter in your second house and your planet Venus about to move into Leo, luck in love and finance is bound to find you. If you haven’t started feeling it already, you will.

Gemini: With Mercury in your house of money earned, lucky Jupiter still in your sign, and Venus about to move into your third house of personal expression, you should be more than ready to party.

Cancer: Your ruler the Moon is now full in fellow water sign Pisces, also your ninth house. You should be in the mood to celebrate especially if you hear news regarding publishing or travel or both. Venus and Jupiter bring more good news.

Leo: With Venus getting ready to move into your sign, you could already feel the effects of her goodness in both your sex life and finances. You love a party, enjoy Labor Day weekend.

Virgo: The full Moon near Neptune in Pisces at the start of the weekend could mean it’s time to put down work for now and take a break. The upcoming Venus transit begins to conjure your imagination.

Libra: August has been an active, professional month for you and hopefully, you’ll be able to take time to kick off your shoes this Labor Day weekend and have some fun—you’ve earned it. Be sure to stay within your budget.

Scorpio: Do your best to leave work behind this weekend and enjoy some time with family. When Venus transits Leo in the coming week, things should go more your way professionally and you’ll be busy.

Sagittarius: You’ve been dealing with a family or partnership situation recently. If you can get away this weekend, chances are good you could be travelling with or about to meet someone special.

Capricorn: Are you organizing a Labor Day party? Mercury, having just arrived in Virgo, helps you get the word out. You feel like celebrating, and with good reason—things are looking up.

Aquarius: With Venus still in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio, the water bearer holds he power to break many hearts this weekend, but hopefully you’ll just use yours for flirting.

Pisces: Venus in fellow water sign Cancer until the coming week means that you and a partner could be planning a scenic and/or romantic Labor Day weekend. Go.

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9 thoughts on “Your Labor Day Forecast

  1. LJ

    Thanks everyone – Have a Healthy and Happy Labor Day Weekend! to Almaz – just use your powers of flirtation but don’t flirt with anyone you’re not serious about – your a powerful attractor and you could easily break hearts (that’s a good power to have as long as you don’t actually use it) Enjoy.

  2. Ginger Fernandez

    I have been dealing with family discord for nearly 4 years. When is it going to end and return me to my former life?

  3. Randy

    Well if mine holds true it will because I struck my head on something because I’ve be generous and it left me with nothing and being disabled and having nothing is not a real fun Idea just when I had the SUV, House and all credit cards all paid and I really needed someone,plus when she was so sick for weeks I was there to wipe her but. So don’t date a cancer it will eat you alive.

  4. manuel

    all i wants to know what day is my lucky day an whats is my lucky number to play an do see money come a long or in my life

  5. Almaz

    The forecasts are hared for me to understand the meaning. could you please make them in a simple and understandable terms.

    “With Venus still in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio, the water bearer holds he power to break many hearts this weekend, but hopefully you’ll just use yours for flirting”.

  6. George

    Thank you for sending my day-to-day horoscope and I like it. Being an Indian and getting your predictions are good for me.


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