Understanding Virgo With Astrology

Getting to Know the Virgo in Your Life

Strengths: Meeting a Virgo, you would say they are quite intelligent and refined. They would be studying you, as they are discriminating. If you asked them to research something, you can be sure it will be thoroughly researched, dissected, and outlined flawlessly. Whether an astronomer mapping stars, or a janitor, their work area will be neat and orderly. Excellent craftsmen with an eye for quality, or providing service to others, they have an inbuilt desire to help and organize. As the shift into the new age continues, Virgo’s curiosity in spiritual wisdom will grow, a creative gift for charismatic communication will develop, together with the desire to write.

Weakness: Since they rarely act without over examining an issue, they have difficulty making final decisions, constantly shifting, prone to be over critical and worrisome. Every day they go over their basket of problems. Lint on the couch, or a sliver of paper peeking out of a drawer drives them crazy until fixed. They easily see imperfections everywhere but in themselves. More tolerance, patience, and forgiveness of others unintentional mistakes will happen when planet Vulcan delivers to Virgo higher vibrations to complete the Virgo soul personality.

Driving Forces: Because of Virgo’s need to understand everything to perfection, the wisdom they achieve is born out of their many experiences. With the dawning of the new age, Virgo’s true ruling planet, Vulcan, is making its approach through the cosmos towards the sun and Mercury. Even now its approach is creating strong waves of energy affecting Earth and Virgos probably seem out of sorts both psychic and emotionally. The current ruling planet, Mercury, brings out the more detached, critical, impatient Virgo. Vulcan’s new vibrations belong especially to Virgo. Its higher frequencies will result in new powers and insights Virgo never imagined. Virgos prepare for rejuvenation and regeneration! Still waiting for Vulcan, Virgo’s sensual and passionate wild cravings manifest in nighttime – in the daytime you will encounter the cool mannered idealist.

Virgo woman will appear dominating in family, love, or business, as she wants no imperfections or flaws. She’ll make sure everyone is up and ready for the day with matching socks and colors. At work her courage will stand up to injustice, while at the same time offering to help her secretary pick out a brides gown. After work this Earth woman will be home dutifully watering house plants, fixing a healthy dinner, and later preparing a candlelit bedroom for the sensual touches she longs for from her mate.

Virgo man will want his positive character traits magnified by all. Beware as this man can outdo you in remembering all your mistakes and goofs. An interest in sports can find him going over game plans and results in ad nauseam detail. Politics can result in verbal sparring late into the night. Don’t get him started on the crossword puzzle. Once he understands his woman’s sexual signals, or the romantic urge descends on him, his love will be tender and exploring until he gives in to passion. Love will never be cheap or vulgar, it will be sexual eroticism.

3 thoughts on “Understanding Virgo With Astrology

  1. marc from the uk

    MESSAGE TO QUINN ** Are you sure about your comment, Looking at Gina Rose feedback about how not to upset a Virgo lol! Seems they do not suffer fools glady or tolerate them! And if your not in Mensa our on sticky wicket intellectually !

  2. -quinn ext.5484

    loving a virgo is not hard to do. thank you for sharing your wisdom about this sign of service.
    wonderful article Shauna.


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