Your Houses in Capricorn

No matter what your sun sign, the house in your natal chart where Capricorn resides holds all the secrets to what unnerves you and what will restore you to stability.

CAPRICORN IN 1st HOUSE – Personality: Whether you think you have patience or not, you really do. When you have doubts about your own personality, this produces instability. You can get back on track when you patiently review your personality traits and make any adjustments needed to insure personal success.

CAPRICORN IN 2nd HOUSE – Values: You were given the gift of stability by using the tool of list making. Once you write down all the pros and cons of your problem, you will see right away where your values are not matching your actions. Some of your most important values are responsibility, organization and accountability.

CAPRICORN IN 3rd HOUSE – Communication: Hurtful communication drives you crazy. Not one to rush carelessly into conversation that might hurt another, it is your Capricorn influence in the 3rd house which gifts you with the skill of thinking before you speak. Replace any negative thinking with a daily jump start of positive affirmations and stability will be yours.

CAPRICORN IN 4th HOUSE – Home: Untidiness in your home further distresses you and distracts you from solving a problem. Do a thorough house cleaning; drawers and everything! By organizing the things in your home your thoughts become more emotionally stable and able to give you the answers you are looking for.

CAPRICORN IN 5th HOUSE – Creativity: You are quite creative at finding solutions to things said in jest, but that really hurt. Your stability comes from not being teased and not witnessing others being teased. Choose to address teasing by teaching others that it is just as easy to say something complimentary as it is to do something hurtful. This could be taught by story-telling, music or other creative methods.

CAPRICORN IN 6th HOUSE – Well Being: Your complications run for the hills when you get up and exercise. Stagnation is your greatest cause of instability and you may also need a return to simpler foods. Move that sexy body of yours and get the blood flowing freely again. With exercise you’ll find a brighter outlook and an ability to resolve any problem with ease.

CAPRICORN IN 7th HOUSE – Partnership: Difficulty in making decisions causes the most instability for you. Rather than avoiding the problem, you’ll find your stability returning immediately when you talk things over with your sweetheart. Ignoring an irritation will not provide a solution, so admit there is one and together look for a win/win solution.

CAPRICORN IN 8th HOUSE – Sex: When your emotions try to convince you that your life is unfulfilling, remember, this is simply instability trying to get hold of you. Instead, have a good rousing afternoon of sex to remind you that all is well and whatever problems you are experiencing, they are at least manageable. Besides, the distraction is fun!

CAPRICORN IN 9th HOUSE – Higher Thinking: Having too many things is fueling your instability. This house reminds you that material items are not an indication of happiness, but may have actually contributed to destabilization. Instead depend on your spiritual beliefs, like prayer or meditation, to bring you the stability you were looking for and have a garage sale. It works!

CAPRICORN IN 10th HOUSE – Achievement: Not afraid of hard work, you feel most unstable when your efforts are not producing the lifestyle you want. A return to stability comes when you re-evaluate your very best abilities and make sure you are using them in your career. You know that all good things come in due time.

CAPRICORN IN 11th HOUSE – Friends: Mama was right when she cautioned, “Choose your friends wisely.” BFF can cause you to feel less than secure when they behave in ways that go against your expectations for excellence. Troubled friends who will not resolve their problems have a way of unnerving you. Set higher standards for your friendships and watch your stability return.

CAPRICORN IN 12th HOUSE – Hidden De-stabilizers: Your need to over achieve may well cause destabilization with family members and coworkers. When your daily schedule includes all work and no play, you nearsightedness can upset others. To return to stability, get outside the office and go do something fun like see a movie or go snow boarding.

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  1. Esme Marsay

    I am so much a capricorn Looking through the Houses in my Capricorn. I know my feelings are very much linked to these Houses


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