Your Anti-Soulmate

Astrological Opposites Attract … but Can It Last?

When you walk past your astro-opposite, it can feel like you’re iron filings and they’re the magnet, and you’re pulled irresistibly into their orbit. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing varies wildly.

True, people who were born in the sign opposite yours—for Aries and Libra, or Scorpio and Taurus for example—seem to be able to pick up your slack, so to speak, to balance your weaknesses, as you can for them, whether it’s in business or romance. But… unless there are other places in your astrology that create simpatico, it can—also because you’re opposite—be very hard to understand or relate comfortably to them.

The pairing of opposites offers one of the most intense and effective cauldrons of personal growth available in human experience. But it requires commitment and a willingness to invest time, energy and effort to benefit. And in intimate relationships it can require love as well.

Unfortunately, unlike the days when marriages were contracted for economic, political or dynastic reasons, and were literally “till death do you part,” today’s relationship culture makes it all too easy to simply get going when the going gets tough.

If you’re in love with or working with your astro anti-soulmate, how can you make it work?

Aries and Libra – Aries provides get-up-and-go and knows just what to do. Libra sees all sides and wants to reflect carefully, and even then postpone decisions. The archetypal masculine and feminine energies, action versus reflection, represented by Aries and Libra, no matter which sex occupies either sign, can fuel a smokin’ hot love affair. However, longer term relationships require real commitment and work. You either complete or compete.

Taurus and Scorpio – Both Taurus and Scorpio are famously stubborn and possessive, but they seem to be irresistible to each other, and usually they make it last. Make no mistake, this would never be a cozy, peaceful relationship, largely because Scorpio loves drama while Taurus wants predictability. However, the intensely sexual nature of both signs, coupled with Taurus’ innate calm and Scorpio’s passionate intensity usually creates an powerfully magnetic, unbreakable bond.

Gemini and Sagittarius – Impulsiveness and restlessness are likely to be the breaking point—or the ingredients of a shatterproof bond—for this pair. While together they value variety and change, thrive on freedom in their relationship, sparkle with fun and humor, and share very stimulating conversations, it’s rare for either Gemini or Sagittarius to realize—at least until they’re older and had some hard knocks—just how rare and precious this true partner in adventure is.

Cancer and Capricorn – Cancer wants a safe and stable home; Capricorn loves to build to last, and knows just how to provide what Cancer needs. A match made in heaven? Well, it really depends on whether the Cancer can be fulfilled with Capricorn’s practical style of loving, which can seem cold to some… and if the Capricorn can be patient with Cancer’s sensitivity and neediness. A mature Cancer who can express their needs, and value what Capricorn loves to give, could make it work.

Leo and Aquarius – If you find yourself in this hot pairing, prepare to be both intrigued and frustrated. Leo is all about creativity and self-expression, and Leos love their drama and want to be pampered. The more detached Aquarius is probably the least likely of all signs to indulge in pampering, or emotional drama, because they’re busy saving the world. The key is harness Leo’s creativity and Aquarius’ originality, but in any case this is a tough one over the long haul.

Virgo and Pisces – Again, these opposites fascinate each other, although this is most often successful as a business or professional partnership, where Pisces is in charge of the creativity and Virgo the practicality. Pisces in love is happy to have Virgo worry about day to day stuff early on, but Virgo’s tendency to nag when frustrated gets old really fast. And although Virgo can be surprisingly passionate and sensual, Pisces’ sexual experiments can go way beyond a Virgo’s boundaries.

But when all’s said and done, it’s important to remember that a person’s astrology only represents the character-creating circumstances present at their birth. There’s an individual soul at the center of every astrological chart, and in the end it’s that soul who determines what each individual is willing and able to invest in your relationship.

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24 thoughts on “Your Anti-Soulmate

  1. designersuz

    I am a September 22 so on the cusp of Virgo/Libra…married to a Sagittarius….I do everything so our lives stay on track! I am the one that watches the clock and makes sure all of the chores that need to be done are. He goes to work every day and after that… is his choice, after 27 years….and no effort into the relationship….this opposite is a true liability…..stay away from opposites! It is a 90/10 ratio….and it is not fun being the 90!

  2. crystal s.

    Im a sag78 and hes a can cer83. At first i couldnt stand His needy-NESS, NOW IT SEEMS THAT im the one needing more from him cuz i feel i carry the relationship. I know he loves me but the evidence i need to feel secure he promises but does not deliver…and i cnt seem to walk away.

  3. Frida S.

    My partner now is my a cancer and he’s a capricorn. the attraction has been there since the beginning eventhough we hadn’t got together. last year i went thru a crisis of sorts and he was there just for support. I was avoiding in general.. In a way that incident opened my eyes and l saw him differentky and it slowly started from there.
    Let me say it was very very hard not to jump in a sexul relationship, but there were issues to solve on either side before we cld start anything new. Now its been over one year we’re together, we live together and the relationship grows from strenght to strenght, though we’ve had some rough times and we’re going thru another one right now because of our work.
    But as long as we stay strong and we get the support we need, we’ll still be going strong, cos he’s one of the best thing that happened in my life for a very long time…the important thing is to communicate no matter on what and see how you can work it out..

  4. Daphne

    How many read the article Raise your hands ! Its about opposite signs, not Aries and Aquarius. Its about Aries and Libra and so forth. Please pay attention class. And Who says Gemini and Cancer is volitile. You need to do a little more research.

  5. Paula

    I love the cancer and capricorn combination. Capricorn is practical and grounded while cancer can be impulsive, spontaneous, intuitive and sensitive. Both are fun loving, adventurous and crazy in the bedroom!!!!!

  6. Jileeann

    Cancer and (Gemini volitile
    Cancer and (Scorpio too intence
    Cancer and Taurus Pretty Good
    Cancer and (Capricorn Bad Bad Bad Manipulative and Self centered
    Cancer and (Libra Oh Ya
    Cancer and (Leo never they are too arrogant
    Cancer and (Aries only to work with
    Cancer and (Virgo might be better friends
    Cancer and (Pisces Yes
    Cancer and (Cancer not so much friends Ya

  7. elisabeth

    capricorn verses capricorn NOW that IS SO HOT !! even though some OR most folk ‘s / OR people DO think that WE are unable 2 luv or committ ?? ( but they seem 2 need US when the stuff /or the —- does hit the fan though @ fix the problem though !! & HUMMMMM 2 ?? ) but they are ALL SO wrong ABOUT us !! BECAUSE its just magic !! Another cap / Another cap !! but to bad then ?? & OUR luv 4 cast predicts ” a fiery ” luv 4 cast 4 the x mas holiday ?? well & I ONLY WISHED so ?? lol .. lol .. well THEN & i will believe IT ? WHEN I do SEE it ?? hahaha !! & ho ho ho & merry x mas , and ‘nata’ but LUV / & PEACE 2 all !! & FYI & please save IT because , i am a very positive person even while i am dealing with cancer 4 the 2 nd time 2 & @ x mas 2 .. & i still have my sense OF humor intact 2 !! ( : so ho ho ho & i have been a really gd girl this year 2 , MY dear sweet santa !! (( :

  8. Josie

    I’m with an aquarius and am a leo. Though because of my own past, I honostly can’t stand being with a person that needs me or wants me around 24-7. This is one of the most unique, but amazing relationships I have been in for a long time. He has a history of not sticking around, and I have a history of the same thing. Being opposites does help us, but at the same time it makes both of us wonder how this is actually happening, not that we are complaining. He has shown me how to focus and think things through more, and with me he’s learned that relaxing and having fun once in a while is a good thing. I’m the more sociable of the two and know more people (having been in the area a lot longer), whereas he is getting to know my group of friends and actually making connections. We both know eventually, with what our goals are currently, we might not stay together..but plan to enjoy every minute of what we have. And who knows, as time goes on we might find it to be different.

  9. sasha

    Opposites attraction, is always goin to be hot and intense, cus they are intrigue with each other, and plus they are our marriage sign, of the zodiac so why wouldnt it not last. depend on the individual, how they want, this union to work. or sometime it just a short- lived fun. so enjoy

  10. Barb H

    Ohhh, Verbena, I am so very much in love with a Pisces I can scarcely think of anything else but how much I love and need him every day, in all ways . . . Even though we are astral opposites, I am a Virgo born on the cusp, the last day of Virgo . . . We have so much in common, it’s not just the mindblowing sex in the bedroom, we seem to be one heart, one mind, one spirit in so many other ways as well . . . I truly believe he is my soulmate, and he is just as convinced that I am his; the very first time we met, I felt as if I had already known him for 100 years . . He’s not exactly the Pisces “dreamer” stereotype, either, he is so much an “A” personality, and I am a “B” personality, he motivates me to be all I can be, and I calm down his anxious soul and help him to unwind . . . It is a match made in heaven, and I thank God every day for His gift of that man to me . . I am 60, he is 62, and we both are so crazy in love like high school sweethearts, I have never loved anyone the way I do him, or felt so loved in return . . . Can’t see myself EVER wanting anything that he cannot give to me . .

  11. Melissa Woo,

    I love these reading but I need a daily reading of me and my pattern. Myself a LEO my pattern Pieces born march3rd please & thanku


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