Party it Up… Ancient Egyptian Style!

Christmas, New Year’s and the 5 Days of the Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Egypt

Want even more celebrations for December? A calendar the Egyptians created around 2800 BCE reflects our holidays at the end of the year. It offers five days’ celebration and an agreement between solar and lunar calendars!

Over the millennia, when we have wanted to create a business calendar representing the return of the sun to a particular place in the sky, it has become a dilemma trying to integrate it with the monthly lunar cycles of the old calendars. This lack of integration is alive today. The Western Gregorian/solar calendar of 365 days, plus a day every four years differs from the Hebrew calendar and Muslim lunar calendar. For you, personally, this tends to separate our business cycles and emotional cycles tied to the Moon. Celebrating our holidays in a big way like the ancient Egyptians offers a solution!

There were 360 days in the Egyptian calendar — twelve months of observing the thirty day lunar calendar, Egypt’s original calendar. To make it work with a Solar Calendar, five days were added at the end of the year. Those five days were dedicated to celebrating the birth of the Children of Nut, the Egyptian gods and goddesses. The first day celebrated Osiris, god of underworld and resurrection. The second day celebrated Isis, Osiris lover and the goddess mother of his resurrection son, Horus the elder, celebrated on the third day. Seth, Horus’ dark brother, god of chaos, was celebrated on the fourth day, and Nefthys, goddess of death/rebirth was celebrated on the fifth day… and they were masters of celebrating!

“Whether you are religious or spiritual or not – feeling happiness in your heart is your universal gift, one that I wish we all share this holiday season.” – Quinn ext. 5484

A calendar of mo(o)nths is visible in the sky and easy to follow. You can honor your emotions simply by observing the moon — the “dark of the moon” is the new moon when it is time to go inward and plant seeds. The crescent moon is the new birth of the moon god Sin, an ancient monthly celebration. The full moon fills the sky with bright light and offers balance between your job and your heart.

Adding five days of celebration at the end of the twelfth month for the heavenly inspirations offered by each individual’s faith gives individuals and the world harmony. As we watch the moon’s monthly cycles aligned with our own emotional ebb and flow we feel in touch with the heavens and at one with the universe. Then we can all truly love and enjoy our year-end holidays — five days of spiritual celebration bringing the sun and moon together. We can party in emotional harmony throughout the world — what a great opportunity!

“There are many ways to celebrate, consider if you may need to release familiar obligations if they do not bring you joy, in order to find your own space to create holiday happiness!” – Yemaya ext. 5143

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