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A Year’s Worth of Insight in 20 Minutes! Psychic Marin in Conversation With Psychic Natasha

When Natasha answered the phone, it was with a sacred welcome and an invitation to share this special time with me, offer me insight. She immediately made me feel like she was my personal spirit guide on duty! Natasha began the reading by asking for me to take a deep breath and that was all she needed to begin reading me. This is why I chose to read with Psychic Natasha ext. 5469, as her biography states “Natasha welcomes questions in all areas of life, but asks that you allow her to share what she is seeing before making any inquiries.” No introductory question was required and no background information was asked of me. I felt that in calling her and asking “What is it that I need to know… What does spirit have to share with me?” I was ready for any message that awaited.

She took off like lightning. Natasha began by reading me as if she had just picked up a remote control and hit “play.” As she looked into my life, I was most impressed with her ability to pick out all the lead players. My husband, two sons, brother, parents, and mother in-law… all stepping forward as if she were calling upon them one-by-one and bringing forth what I needed to know in different situations pertaining to them. It was apparent that she was becoming more familiar with my family as the reading unfolded, and able to see exactly how all the members fit together.

Then it came time for her to discuss me. She began describing my gifts as an “intuitive” pointing out the depth of perception I have and how I am able to avoid many problems in life by utilizing these gifts, and that my abilities are routinely used within my career in which I help others. I was impressed, because at no time during this reading did I tell her who I was, and that I was in fact, a fellow psychic at California Psychics.

In reflecting upon the information I received, I have broken the key characteristics of the reading into the following impressive qualities:

COMPASSION: I felt as if I were talking to a girlfriend. Every once in a while I would hear her faint laugh while she injected humor into the reading. This style of reading would put any hesitant or first time caller at immediate ease. If you are seeking a psychic reading, perhaps “just for fun,” or not sure what to ask… Don’t worry, with Natasha she (and her guide) does all the work.

ACCURACY: She was able to identify people, ages, gender and time lines within my reading. Rather than broad overviews of what to expect in the following years, she was precise to the moment, what was currently happening, and what was around the corner with the impeding family holiday time.

STRENGTH: While talking to Natasha, you could feel her connectivity with a higher source. That abundance of alert energy has to come from somewhere! She felt extremely clear, healthy and personified consciousness, all traits of a soul that is truly in touch with a divine source.

COMMUNICATION: Natasha was easy to understand, explained things carefully and had so much energy behind her words. No stalling, no “Hmmm… Let me see…” Messages were channeled, one right after the other. She did most of the talking, and I was all ears!

Packed with information, I could have easily talked with Natasha for an hour. Unfortunately, my reading with her only lasted twenty minutes, but I felt as if I had received a year’s worth of insight, more prepared to embrace the “sometimes challenging” family dynamics with the holidays right around the corner. Thanks to Natasha, my holiday time with family will be a little less icy and a whole lot merrier!

Marin #5113


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  1. LUCY

    Marin you are a God-send. Natasha is an amazing psychic with her abilities profoundly developed. You manage to shed light to the world about the greatness of California Psychics and the great work they do in finding the best psychics in the world. Thank you for sharing your insights ladies!


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