What’s Your Power Number?

Reading published numerology forecasts can be extremely helpful, but knowing your personal timing numerology can give you a great edge, day in and day out. As the speed of the workplace increases, and our global social network adds to the speed, it’s priceless having your own quick-and-easy personal system for knowing when to go for it, when to lay low, and when to party!

Just as with astrology, your personal numerology defines your experience in the context of universal influences, and learning how both personal and universal numerology, and how your month, day and year work together is an excellent way to master this easy divination system.

Simple Calculations
Do you already know the numerology of your name and your destiny number? If so, you’re ready for the next step, which is to determine your personal year by adding the month and date of your birth to the current year. For example, if you were born on August 9, 1963, then add 8 (the month of August) and 9 and 2010, which equals 2027. Add those four numbers (2+0+2+7) to get 11, then if, as in this case, you still have two digits, add them to get 2, which is your personal year.

Calculate your personal month next by adding the current month to your personal year. Then reduce the numbers as before. For your personal day, just add today’s day and month, again, to your personal year, and, as usual, reduce the numbers by adding them until you have a single digit.

Powerhouse Opportunities
Many numerologists recommend that you use your full personal year (2027 in the above example) for month and day calculations, because it will more easily show Master and Karmic Test Numbers.

Master Numbers are 11, 22 and 33. Karma Numbers are 13/4 (1+3=4), 14/5, 17/8 and 19/10/1. Having one of these numbers show up in your personal timing increases both intensity and opportunity, so learn what they mean and make special note of them on your calendar!

Daily Trends
1 – Start, don’t try to finish. Best day for asserting and promoting yourself.
2 – Be diplomatic. Best day for negotiations and starting relationships.
3 – Be cheerful (note it’s easy to be cheerful on a 3 day). Plan fun for yourself and friends.
4 – Be constructive. Great day for detail work, systems analysis and practical projects.
5 – Be ready for anything. A day to make changes, and advertise, promote and speculate.
6 – Be domestic. Best day to be busy or peaceful in your personal sanctuary.
7 – Be quiet and thoughtful. Serious discussions, books and meditation are key.
8 – Maintain control. This is a peak day for financial matters and business decisions.
9 – Finish, don’t try to start. Gift giving, public appearances and charity work succeed.
11 – Treat it as a 2, but more important. Excellent time to sell ideas and beliefs.
22 – This is a mega-powerful 4, a super-8, so initiating large projects will always be successful.

Monthly Trends
1 – A month for courage and daring. What you begin might not always reap rewards right away, but will in the end.
2 – Make new friends, rest as much as you can, study, and enjoy peaceful relationships.
3 – Creativity, social activities and enjoyment of beauty and nature fill this month. Just be happy.
4 – Get organized, create and then analyze schedules, plans and systems. Pay attention to detail.
5 – Make changes, leaving behind the old and going for growth and expansion.
6 – Enjoy home, family, friends and community. Be willing to help others, and give love freely.
7 – Quiet reflection and meditation are excellent, as is careful, deep analysis of yourself and your plans.
8 – Go forth positively! Organization is key, as is maintaining control of both strategy and tactics.
9 – Devote yourself to the well being of others. Active compassion and artistic endeavors are best.
11 – Intuition is strong, and visions are amazingly accurate. Philosophy, idealism and humanitarian urges have power.
22 – Taking visions and creating something real and sustainable, especially something which benefits many, will succeed.
33 – Kindness, compassion and acting on your beliefs can bring profound enlightenment during this rare month.

And there you have it! If you spend even a couple of weeks working with your daily numerology you’ll have learned enough to use this tool any time, anywhere, to help you awe everyone with your masterful sense of timing.

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