Spheres of Healing: Harness Energy to Heal Your Emotions

Channel Energy to Heal Your Chakras

There are times in life when emotions hit us hard. We often look externally for help when we need support however it’s those times that really require us to look inward. We hold within ourselves the ability to heal and calm our emotions by harnessing the energy that surrounds us. We have to trust that we have the power to do so and we have to have the right tools to access the energy. Energy flows through us and around us all the time. If we can harness that energy, we can heal our bodies and emotions.

Chakras are the body’s energy centers that correspond not only with different aspects of our lives (safety, truth, intuition, etc.) but they also have ruling emotions and their counterparts. Chakra literally means wheel but I think of them more as three dimensional spheres of healing energy. Harnessing the spheres takes focus and a bit of visualization. There are two emotions that cause the most trauma and heartache: grief and fear.


Healing grief can be tricky. There was a time in my life when I couldn’t even say the word without being reduced to tears. I had experienced so much emotional trauma that it became stuck in my heart in an unyielding way. When I started to say the word grief over and over—in an effort to heal—it felt as though my heart were breaking. I realized the only thing I could do was to create more love in my heart, something I was so fearful of. You can mend the grief stricken heart by releasing it to make room for more love.

Begin by visualizing a sphere of energy in front of you. The sphere is green on the outside and pink in the center, like the colors of watermelon. There are the colors of the heart chakra which is ruled by love and defeated by grief. Imagine putting your grief, every last painful bit of it, into a hole at the top. Now think of something or someone that makes you feel a great deal of love and happiness. Take the energy of love you feel and use it to close the hole and surround the sphere. Now send it away. Watch it float far away from you. As it floats away, you feel less grief and when it’s completely gone from your sight it’s now released for good.


Ever feel butterflies in your stomach just above your belly button? They are tickling your Solar Plexus chakra which is the ruler of confidence and the defeater of fear. Fear can cause you to act and react in ways that are often contrary to what’s best for you. There is a time when acting out of fear is useful—when a bear is chasing you—but often that fear depletes our ability to act with confidence. Healing yourself of fear and increasing your self confidence isn’t an easy visualization. Thoughts of doubt will come floating in and out. Just know that the more you practice this, the better you’ll become at quickly sweeping out any fears that creep in.

Begin by visualizing a bright golden light the size of a walnut in your solar plexus. Think about any time that you’ve felt fearful. It doesn’t matter when or what it was. Start to expand your bright light of the solar plexus as you repeat to yourself “I am” and think about a time when you were full of confidence. Expand the empowered feeling through the light as it completely pushes out any feelings of doubt or fear. Once the fear is gone, try expanding the light a bit further from your body as you imagine others seeing this rediscovered confidence. You had it all the time, you just needed to access it.

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9 thoughts on “Spheres of Healing: Harness Energy to Heal Your Emotions

  1. Shun

    Well, I bought a yoga book and it was information in it pertaining to color healing visulization. I’m definitely am going to try it this way and hope for great results. Thanks.

  2. UByogi

    Thank you!! Your visualizations are so incredibly helpful. Can you create more of these? I tried the one for grief and felt so much better but I’d like more tools like this that I can connect with. Are you available for readings or guidance through California Psychics??

  3. Thomas Jason Hopkins

    Need guidance. I know I am a feeler, healer. partial medium. I just lived through my girlfriends brothers death of being stabbed to death by association to gangs. I feel these things every day. knives in my leg arm face neck….slip nots….fire..etc. just want to help these people. I want to know spiritual releases to free them, or know i tried. I tell them to go to the light they can see in their last moments. I need to know how much i can do for the living too. I want to try but don’t know how to start.

  4. michelle smith

    I really appreciate this article. I feel that I was just emotionally & financially used by my last lover. After 6-7 months of a “rendevous” He so randomly got so mad at me because we “both” had a disagreement over the phone and I admit we did get a little loud with one another (only for about 30 seconds). He ended the phone conversation by hanging up. He has taken my call only once since. Silly me still have tried calling him at least once daily. He has answered none one my calls and one of my texts As I mentioned earlier I helped him out financially in our dating relationship because I was in a much better position to do so. I am somewhat hurt but more emotionally drained by it all. I just wish he would explain his actions so that I could understand better.

  5. Rose Cocca

    i was married more than i was single…it seem iwas married all my life..and i love it…if you are with the right man….but i have no fear in me..i only have peace in me..that someone csn be taken away so young..only because he suffer so much..i cry went he was alive to see him suffer so much…he didnt deserve that…


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