Your LOVECAST™: Fantasy, Empathy and Idealism

Tuesday’s Full Moon in Pisces heightens the fantasy, empathy and idealism in relationships throughout the week. You might find yourself craving a spiritual connection with someone, too. Just watch out for a miscommunication on Wednesday. During the weekend, passion can be sexy or combative on Saturday, while earthiness fires up romance on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Monday (friendly), Tuesday (emotional), Thursday (spontaneous/unpredictable) and Sunday (physical).

Aries: As your intuition kicks into high gear during the Full Moon, take some quiet time to listen to your inner voice, which will reveal what you can do to attract a compatible partner or improve your current relationship. This weekend, passion makes you daring (reckless?) on Saturday. A natural environment inspires love on Sunday.

Taurus: Socializing skyrockets this week because of the Full Moon, making it an excellent time to meet new people, network with colleagues and enjoy time spent with old friends. Look for romance during group gatherings or through an online source. This weekend, inner angst makes you restless on Saturday. Your sensuality is irresistible on Sunday!

Gemini: The Full Moon puts a spotlight on your home life, so why not show off your sense of style by throwing a party sometime this week? Just be mindful of your words on Wednesday and Thursday. During the weekend, a friendly gathering can bring romance on Saturday. A genuine approach will deepen/attract love on Sunday.

Cancer: The Full Moon illuminates the bigger picture of your love life this week. It also gives you a craving for adventure, which a road trip can satisfy. Look for romance during a cultural or spiritual activity. This weekend, a conflict can turn lusty on Saturday! Romance can be found during a community event on Sunday.

Leo: A little fantasy (costume? role-playing?) will inspire passion during this week’s Full Moon. Also, revealing your sensitive, vulnerable side during an intimate encounter will intensify the bond with your sweetie. During the weekend, a trip or exotic locale can bring a romantic interlude on Saturday. Sharing your expertise draws admirers on Sunday.

Virgo: The Full Moon energizes your partnership sector this week, which can bring a new love interest or heighten the connection (and issues) with your sweetie. In either case, shared activities can bring satisfaction. Irritations may arise on Thursday, however. This weekend, your wit inspires a rendezvous on Saturday. Love may come from afar on Sunday.

Libra: This week’s Full Moon can bring romance and other opportunities through a work project, healthy activity or charity event. Sharing your skills, compassion and insight, perhaps in a healing environment, will draw admirers. This weekend, love and lust collide (in a good way?) on Saturday. Your artistry and style inspire romance on Sunday.

Scorpio: The Full Moon illuminates your romance sector, making you a magnet for admirers (or irresistible to one special person!). Your artistry is also getting a boost, so use your creativity in all areas of your life. This weekend, your wicked side ignites a lusty interlude on Saturday. Discussing commitment can bring good results on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Feelings can get out of control during the Full Moon this week, which will either energize or derail your love life. Distractions abound, so focus on the one you’re with, or throw a party to burn off steam. During the weekend, romance is sizzling on Saturday! Offering your assistance inspires love and appreciation on Sunday.

Capricorn: Flirting can thrust you into the limelight during this week’s Full Moon. A heartfelt talk inspires romance as well, but a miscommunication is likely on Wednesday or Thursday. Romance can be found while traveling, too. This weekend, hosting a party will energize you on Saturday. Getting creative between the sheets fires up passion on Sunday!

Aquarius: You may need to prioritize your time to attract (and keep) romance during this week’s Full Moon. If you’re in a relationship, a discussion about what’s important to you will deepen your connection. During the weekend, verbalizing your desires makes love bloom on Saturday. Dining in can lead to a lusty romp on Sunday!

Pisces: This week’s Full Moon in your sign intensifies your charisma and takes feelings over the top. It also makes you highly impressionable, so be sure to spend time with positive people so you stay centered. During the weekend, sharing your uniqueness attracts admirers on Saturday. Revealing your soulfulness inspires romance on Sunday.

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