Sun Enters Virgo

The Sun transits out of fiery Leo and into analytical Virgo today, which puts the focus on work, health and service. From now until September 22, Sun in Virgo can help you get organized in your daily routine and be more efficient in your work habits. If you need to find a job, analyzing your skills may bring insight into a potential job you never thought to pursue.

It’s also time to focus on your health by analyzing and improving your diet and exercise regimen. This influence can also inspire you to volunteer your skills to a cause that helps those less fortunate, which will bring satisfaction.

The challenges of Virgo are criticism and perfectionism, so you may need to be extra tolerant of others if they mess up or get under your skin. And don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake, either. Access the patience of Virgo and try again.

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One thought on “Sun Enters Virgo

  1. nicholas john lamitola

    morning and happy easter, I was laid off my job since working there since 2004, I have a medical disability, from an auto accident driving my mom to doctor in july of 2004. two days after car wqas struct by a lg com truck that ran a stop sign, both my mom and I were ambulanced to the hospital. we buried my mom 2 days later. I now have this medical disability, feels like for life so far. I found out from friends watching the news that last year GOV Como waqs down here on island in Baldwin, for another person that had a disability and was also let go because company didn’t want to have to deal with them being in and out of the hospital so many times. will this be corrected by my birthday 08/26/56????


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