Your LOVECAST™: Situations That Press Your Emotional Buttons

The week begins on a passionate (tumultuous) note, and then turns adventurous toward the middle of the week. Relationship energy culminates in Sunday’s Full Moon in Aquarius, a good time for socializing with friends. One influence to watch out for that begins this weekend and continues throughout August is the Jupiter-Pluto square, which can cause you to overreact to situations that press your emotional buttons. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Aries: Lustiness at the start of the week gives way to the need to explore your inner (spiritual) and outer (travel) horizons with someone you love. A clash of wills is likely on Friday, so strive to stay centered. Saturday is all about duty and commitment, while the Sunday’s Full Moon can bring romance through group gatherings.

Taurus: Mixed messages can unhinge your love on Monday, but a sexy tryst energizes you on Tuesday. Your fun-loving, spontaneous side revs up romance toward the middle of the week, when love needs some freedom. Your sensuality is irresistible on Saturday. Hosting a party during the Full Moon on Sunday can bring delight!

Gemini: Feelings are unpredictable at the start of the week. Relationship energy escalates midweek, a good time to do something fun with your sweetie or to look for someone new. Intimacy seems complicated on Friday. Accessing your physical, earthy side inspires passion on Saturday. Sunday’s Full Moon fires up romance (and your creativity in the bedroom!).

Cancer: Expressing your deepest desires inspires romance at the beginning of the week. Love can be found during an outdoor or healthy activity midweek. Strive to stay away from touchy subjects on Friday, when your partner is likely to go off the rails. Sharing yourself with someone you love brings fulfillment during this weekend’s Full Moon.

Leo: A cozy rendezvous brings delight at the start of the week, if you don’t get into a power struggle. Romance soars mid-week, especially on Thursday, so plan something fun. A contretemps may arise at work on Friday. The Full Moon this weekend energizes shared activities with your sweetie or helps you find someone new!

Virgo: A wickedly witty flirtation or heartfelt message can prompt a romantic interlude at the start of the week. Trying something new in the boudoir fires up passion toward the middle of the week. Control issues can unhinge love on Friday. Passion escalates on Saturday. Romance can be found during a helpful activity during Sunday’s Full Moon.

Libra: A not-so-subtle expression of desire can heat up passion at the beginning of the week. Sharing your sense of humor and/or insight inspires romance toward the middle of the week. Feelings are chaotic on Friday. Throwing a party will show off your artistry (and perhaps inspire a romantic interlude!) during this weekend’s Full Moon.

Scorpio: Your mystique is a magnet for admirers at the start of the week, if you don’t let moodiness derail the fun. Socializing escalates midweek, which may prompt a romantic rendezvous. Watch argumentativeness on Friday. Expressing your feelings inspires love on Saturday. A gathering at your home brings satisfaction during the Full moon on Sunday.

Sagittarius: An intimate ambiance fires up passion at the start of the week. Your fun-loving side can attract romance midweek, but you’ll need to find a balance between adventure and stability. An issue over spending may arise on Friday. A grounded approach inspires love on Saturday. Your humor revs up romance during the Full Moon on Sunday!

Capricorn: You may find yourself in the spotlight during social activities at the start of the week, when networking with friends and groups can bring opportunities. Expressing your appreciation brings romance midweek. You may feel unusually moody or conflicted on Friday. Revealing your true feelings inspires love during the Full Moon this weekend!

Aquarius: Feelings may seem hidden or mysterious at the beginning of the week. Some midweek socializing can open a door to romance or a professional opportunity. Taking some quiet time on Friday or Saturday to examine your love life will bring an unexpected insight. Sunday’s Full Moon in your sign fires up your desirability!

Pisces: An exotic or spiritual locale can bring romance at the start of the week. Expressing your soulfulness can inspire a romantic interlude as well. Your whimsical side attracts admirers midweek if you don’t scatter your energy. Socializing is likely to bring trouble on Friday. This weekend’s Full Moon activates your intuition, which will guide you toward love.

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