5 Lies Women Tell

We’ve read about the lies men tell. Now it’s women’s turn. Read on:

1. “I’ve only been with (insert number) guys before you.” Women feel pressured by society to maintain a clean sexual record, so it is quite common for a woman to lie about the number of sexual partners she’s had. Studies show that when a young woman (age 18-25) is asked how many sexual partners she’s had while hooked to a lie detector, her answers practically doubled from the women who were asked without the machine. The median number of sex partners with the machine was 4.4 lovers and 2.6 without. When young men were given the same question, their answers differed from 4 to 3.7, respectively.

2. “I don’t know where it is,” “I haven’t touched it,” or “I didn’t throw it away.” She could be telling the truth, she could just not want to get up to help him find it, or she may have intentionally thrown it out. He’ll never know the truth, but every woman knows a little divine intervention is sometimes necessary for men to part with those flannel shirts they’ve worn since 1986.

3. “You look great.” Studies show that women prey on other women – highly praising them when they’re wearing an inferior outfit to their own, for instance. They disguise these little white lies as compliments, when what they are actually saying is “Wow, I look a lot better than you do.” In cases where the other woman does not pose a threat, she may say nothing, or she may casually spill a drink on their rival’s “little red dress” in hopes of playing down their attractiveness. It is in their nature for women to compete for attention. Not every woman does this, of course, but a surprising number do (38 percent, according to research).

4. “Yes, I’m on the pill.” A recent survey found that one-third of women claimed that if a partner was not interested in having a baby (and they were), they would lie about contraception in order to get pregnant. This is quite a few more than the one-fifth who check their partners e-mails, or the one-tenth who have followed their partner to see where they were going. This brings us to yet another all-too-common lie between men and women during the early stages of relationship development: “I trust you.”

5. “I’m not lying.” Studies show an overwhelming number of women who lie would not only do it again, but feel entitled to lie in the first place. This is especially true when a woman is cheating on a partner whom she feels has done her wrong in some way (by having an affair, mistreating or ignoring her, etc). Women are also less likely to feel guilty when their indiscretions did not involve an emotional attachment, but rather a random roll across their office desk. Men, on the other hand, suffer from guilt regardless of there being an emotional attachment, according to studies.

It has also been found that nearly 95 percent of women have either claimed to “love” a gift they disliked, or praised an unsuccessful partner in the bedroom as having an “amazing” sexual technique. Women appear to be especially comfortable lying over the phone, but perhaps the most amazing statistic of all is that three quarters of these liars actually believe their partner would never do the same to them!

What are your favorite lies women tell?

16 thoughts on “5 Lies Women Tell

  1. Rita Canavan

    These women you describe who do these things are inauthentic people who are lacking in integrity, We choose who we surround ourselves with. Unfortunately the poor example being set by half this countries single parenting narcissism has overtaken child rearing and the example has been set in our country. 100 years ago people had manners, they didn’t actually consider it a lie to consider ones feelings and self confidence and it would be rude to tell someone they looked bad, or discuss past relationships or tell a a man his clothing smelled so I burned it. There was no birth control pill so people knew what they were getting into and most men took responsibility for their actions. If a woman did lie, it wasn’t because she felt a sense of entitlement to exact an equal revenge for betrayal it would be out of a sense of dignity and protection and the survival of the morale of the community. It’s called Class. I’m sorry this society has become so ill mannered , down trodden by self justified immoralization, It’s so disheartening to see.

  2. Albert Geiger

    I just got out of a fake relationship with a woman who profusely told me she loved me, but did nothing to verify her words. No woman will give up something she loves dearly at the drop of a hat. She does everything to get what she desires. I’ve noticed when a woman is caught lying she gets mad at me & tries to put the blame on me. All the women who have lied to me should be politicians. Say one thing, then do another. Why do women lie so much then complain when it’s done to them?

  3. desertguy1

    Well lets keep it real……. lets do a top 100 lies for both guys & gals & lets see who lies the most & about what ! ! ! ! You know the (i’ll be nice) “ladys” will lose!!!

  4. milla35

    I’m not sure where to begin but… I’m a female and I’m 35, the thing is I do know that women maybe lie about all of those things but… I don’t I really do not see any reason to lie about how many partners you’ve had or anything of what is mentioned above. The fact is, if the person you’re with don’t like you because of the mistakes you may have made now, s/he will not like you later on ether unless ofcorce you;re just looking for that one time thing than well, I don’t know… Havent been in a situation like that before.

    All I’m saying is, just because this world is filled with liers don’t mean that everyone lies. If I don’t feel comfortable about something someone asks me I just say that I don’t feel comfortable discussing that at this time, that is all.

    People who have lied to me in my past relationships didnt really like the results. Somehow someway I always found out about the lie (the guys thought I was a psychic LOL). I feel that the truth hurts less than a little lie that shouldn’t even be a lie.

    Well… have fun people and do not lie, you’ll feel much better “the truth does set you free” the best thing about it all… If you tell the truth right away, it’ll be easier 🙂

  5. Tony Benedetti

    My favorite lie is when a woman I’m interested in tells me they’re going somewhere with “a friend,” when that translates to “another guy.” That’s when I usually lose interest in her. I don’t like games.

  6. synergy

    I don’t condone lies, regardless of the gender (male or female), that is committing the offense. Having said that, I think it’s important to understand what prompts a woman to lie… as it often stems from a place of gender inequality, and self preservation. Self Preservation: A woman will lie in order to be liked and accepted by an individual or a group. Society teaches girls and women to behave very differently than men (ie., to be polite, meek, subservient, obedient, deferring and “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all”). Women are taught to shut their mouths and swallow their voice, while their power is squelched and squashed. Gender Inequality: Women also lie to compete for a man’s affection and approval, because we live in a patriarchal society where men are valued more than women. Women are taught to believe this, just as men are, and so women will internalize and act on the very same sexist teachings that keep them suppressed and oppressed. Gender inequality teaches women to undermine themselves and to compromise their relationships with other women, in order to win a man. Men don’t cut each other up and undermine each other in order to win the favour of a woman, because men are seen as being equal to other men (ie., the “brotherhood” reference from an earlier post), and women are valued less by our institutions. This is a gender-biased and sexist construct of our society. It is all purposely designed to keep the sexes separated and to keep women lower than men. The difference between the way men and women lie is only a drop in the bucket. Both women and men have to understand the origins and purpose of a certain behaviour, before we can actively work to change it. Men have to be willing to reject the pedestal they have been put on, and women have to demand not to be discarded in to the gutters…only then will both sexes walk on the same level ground.

  7. noslracps

    “I love you… not your money”. Is an interesting one.

    Female or male, when it comes to personal gain, money and relationships, it seems the end justifies the means; and unfortunately “love” is not exempt.

    I often wonder how much “truth” there really is in many relationships, even considering the little things? A few years into my marriage I noticed my spouse was not eating some past favorite foods we both enjoyed, “you used to love that food” I said. “Oh,” she replied, “I just ate that because we were dating and you liked it, I never really liked it” This same scenario has been replayed concerning other tastes i.e. sex, political and social views, furniture, movie and literature, and more. Not a very firm foundation for the relationship.


  8. Kimberly Smith

    #3 may be true for 38% but I am secure enough in my self that I have no problem telling someone who looks good that they look good and mean it, if they don’t or are wearing something that isn’t flattering on them I choose to keep my opinion to my self if they ask I’m not going to lie but I’m not going to ruin there day either if you can’t count on a friend to tell you what where you thinking when you got dressed this morning who can you count on?
    #4 if you trap a man by getting pregnant with out his consent he may be man enough to do the right thing and take responsibility for it but in the long run you will lose at least that has been what I have seen with friends that did this there relationships have not lasted and your stuck raising a baby on your own while he’s out with some one he rather be with.
    and #1 I think both women and men lie about this because most men or women couldn’t handle the truth and would use that against you during a disagreement, fight or argument and I think it’s best to leave the past in the past and work on building a future

  9. tray

    The story asked “What are your favorite lies women tell?” …..

    Fav: “I swear I’ve never done oral to any man but you and I wasn’t even sure I was doing it right” (see item #5 above)

    2nd fav: “I was just out with a girlfriend. You can ask her if you don’t believe me”. (figuring that you won’t embarrass yourself by actually asking. Or she already set up her girlfriend to alibi for her -see item #5 above).

  10. anne

    Wow, this is so disgusting!

    I had a best friend who was/is tricked by his wife. She lies to him all the time, she snoops around, reads his private stuff, uses the kids to threaten him, she does everything possible to wreck her relationship and then tries to put the blame on others. Currently she convinced him she has undergone a miraculous change from viper to pussycat, and the doofus is all to ready to believe her, even when she admitted to have lied to him in the past.

    For the rest, I think there are lots of women out there like this, but fortunately there are also the good ones! You only have to find them.

  11. sarahm

    This is so true and so WRONG of girls LOL. I am new to this site and so far it seems so ON. Eric, you are super cool.

  12. velvetoversteel

    #4 is by far the worst I feel. I’ve seen many men tricked. Then try to do the right thing and take responsibility. Only to have that same woman ‘change her mind’. Woman like this are never truely happy. They think if this man marries them they will be happy; then ‘if’ they have more children they’ll be happy; then the house, etc. etc. Only to never be happy for long. Then after these ‘good’ men love that child or children by then, more than anything; this woman is now using the child/children that she used to get him to now use as a weapon against him. Threatening to take them away; not let him see them; etc. etc.

    Ok, I’ll get off of my soap box now! Great Post, Eric!!! I hope it helps many!!!

  13. Jacqueline

    Hi Eric,

    One of my favorite lies are oh I’m a size 2 when really a size 6.

    Then No I haven’t had any work done.

    I stay friends with all my ex’s.

    I have never felt like this with anyone ever, you make me feel whole and complete.

    Don’t forget the sex part…..I have never had this good of sex from anyone.

    Oh…. I don’t eat much dinner, well breakfast either, I usually skip lunch, I will have this small salad.

    Well that’s a start.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  14. misskrystal

    Fantastic article, thanks, Eric.

    I feel we should be very careful of answering #1-Most of the time, no matter who is asking this,(male or female), there is a reason that they are asking, and most of the time, you probably will not get an honest answer back….Let’s be real, what does it really matter?

    Next, I have seen women’s boyfriends and husbands spill drinks on their pretty outfits due to jealousy. In my experience, usually a woman has an almost impossible time controlling the “Evil eye,” no matter how much they are pretending to like you…….Hint hint….If you are a female, and have doubts about whether another female is being sincere, do your best to try to look out of the corner of your eye, and you will catch them starring at you too much. Most of the time. This is what I have observed.

    I understand the issue of throwing some stuff away-especially, things that can smell up a refrigerator or a horrid bottle of cologne lol seriously.
    Also, I have the compassion for women who have cried that their men keep things from ex lovers, and some of them are very hurtful. Best thing to do, is, talk to them about it, ask them to at least put it away, because you don’t like that way it makes you feel. And please remind them that you do not do that to them with your past lovers.

    A lot of people still feel we live in a “Man’s world.” However, it appears that most men do not create drama with other men the way women do with other women. There seems to be some silent code of brotherhood, where they are, and can be, much more above caddy games and ridiculous levels of same sex competition. Yes, there are exceptions, but think about it, men tend to stick together more. Do you ever think and seriously wonder why? There are so many factors to this.
    Women need to support OTHER women. We see some women take so much junk from their men, but will get rid of a gal pal who is really good to them, for something petty and ridiculous. I applaud all of the women who are out there who can spot what I am saying, and try to make a difference……The more this can happen, the more improvements we will achieve with equality…And by the way, most men have the utter most respect for women who treat other women with tact and class.

    Unity and peace,
    Miss Krystal


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