Your LOVECAST™: A Bit Out of the Ordinary

Monday is an exceptional time for a friendly gathering, or a romantic adventure that’s a bit out of the ordinary. Love is dreamy and a bit illusionary toward the middle of the week. Then the weekend brings fiery – and maybe prickly – passion on Saturday, and truly steamy sensuality on Sunday. The best days for socializing are Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Week of October 26 – November 1, 2009

Scorpio: A gathering at your place can energize you at the start of the week, when relationships require an open, friendly approach. A spontaneous tryst may set you on fire on Wednesday or Thursday – if you can avoid controlling behavior, which might disrupt romance on Friday, as well. Your adventurous side inspires passion on Saturday, and love deepens on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Your flirting skills draw admirers at the beginning of the week, so be expressive! Look for romance while you’re traveling, as well. Surprising your sweetie with an imaginative rendezvous at home may inspire romance midweek. Commitment or control issues might arise on Friday, but romance beckons on Saturday. A leisurely approach inspires passion when Sunday rolls around.

Capricorn: A gift or a gesture that expresses your feelings may conjure romance at the beginning of the week. Look for a moneymaking opportunity around then, too. A spontaneous message of love or lust helps bring up the temperature toward the middle of the week. Responsibility or commitment may weight heavily on you, come Friday, but expressing your inner fire attracts a passionate interlude this weekend.

Aquarius: You’re a magnet for romance at the start of the week, so reveal your true self. Look for love during a class or a spiritual activity. Your whimsical side draws admirers midweek, and an unusual (though perhaps unreliable) financial opportunity may come your way around then as well. Rash words disrupt your relationship on Friday, but flirting heats up passion over the weekend!

Pisces: An intimate ambience revs up romance toward the beginning of the week, when a past-life connection with your sweetie may be revealed. Heed your intuition! An unconventional approach inspires passion toward the middle of the week, when your powers of attraction soar. A direct approach gets everyone’s blood pumping on Saturday, and heartfelt words hit the spot on Sunday.

Aries: Look for passion during a group activity or community event at the start of the week – or a friend may match you up with someone special. A peaceful, intimate setting makes love bloom toward the middle of the week. Pay attention to your dreams, which may be unusually vivid around this time. Willfulness might derail romance on Friday, but getting physical inspires passion this weekend, so it might be time to go on that hiking excursion!

Taurus: Trying something – or someone – new inspires love toward the beginning of the week. Look for romance during a career-related activity. A gathering of friends also brings opportunities – and perhaps a romantic interlude – around the middle of the week. Hidden passion emerges on Saturday, and your erotic side comes out to play on Sunday!

Gemini: Exploring a new or exotic locale might attract romance at the start of the week. Your future is revealed on Tuesday, so pay attention to your hunches! Look for romance during a career project or a spiritual activity toward the middle of the week. Romance might be found during a community activity on Saturday, and you’ll want to show your appreciation to inspire love when Sunday comes around.

Cancer: A mixture of friendship and emotional intimacy makes passion soar at the beginning of the week. Letting go of resentments will inspire love as well around this time. Love might come from afar or during a class midweek. Arguments might upset love on Thursday or Friday, but a little assertiveness makes passion sizzle on Saturday. A friend might instigate a romantic interlude on Sunday!

Leo: Your partnership sector is energized at the beginning of the week, when socializing with your sweetie or friends can bring fulfillment – or at least a lot of fun! Using your imagination in the boudoir heats up passion toward the middle of the week, but watch out for willfulness. An exotic setting revs up romance on Saturday, and a leisurely massage heats up passion on Sunday – so it might be quite a weekend.

Virgo: Romance may come through an unusual work project or community event at the start of the week. Lending a helping hand might attract love around then as well. A spontaneous, sexy encounter with your sweetie sets passion aflame on Wednesday or Thursday – if you can avoid being too critical. Some innocent naughtiness makes romance sizzle over the weekend!

Libra: Romance can reach new heights at the beginning of the week – if your heart is open. Showing off your amazing style also inspires good lovin’, and a startling insight about emotional or sexual intimacy might come to you toward the middle of the week. A struggle with your partner arises on Friday, but love and passion are back in track over the weekend.

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