Your LOVECAST™: Sweetened Romance

The Moon in lovely Libra sweetens romance at the start of the week. Then Thursday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius energizes emotional ties with playfulness and enthusiasm. But this weekend’s Moon afflictions can intensify relationship fears, especially concerning commitment. Try to lighten up and enjoy the moment. Best days for socializing: Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Aries: Your inner romantic comes out to play on Monday, which gives way to a lustier energy toward the middle of the week. Thursday’s Full Moon brings out your need for adventure; seeking out new places to explore brings satisfaction, and perhaps a romantic interlude. A relationship issue over commitment or consistency may arise this weekend.

Taurus: A passionate rendezvous is likely this week, if you can avoid getting into a clash of wills on Wednesday. Thursday’s Full Moon energizes your sense of daring, especially in the boudoir, so take the lead in love and express your desires! Love feels blocked on Saturday and intense on Sunday. Strive to let feelings flow naturally.

Gemini: Flirting takes romance into the stratosphere on Monday. Instinctual reactions can deepen or unhinge passion toward the middle of the week. Thursday’s Full Moon energizes your partnership sector, so plan a fun date with your sweetie or seek out someone new if you’re solo. Romance may be bogged down with complications this weekend.

Cancer: A homey date with your sweetie or close friend inspires you on Monday. Your powers of attraction soar mid-week, when your creativity in the boudoir fires up passion! Thursday’s Full Moon brings out your zany side, which inspires a playful rendezvous. A power struggle can derail romance on Saturday. Feelings escalate on Sunday.

Leo: A heartfelt or insightful discussion can heighten love on Monday. Emotions can escalate out of control (in a good way?) toward the middle of the week. Thursday’s Full Moon energizes your need for a playful connection. A relationship problem that stems from the past (and hinders your love life) needs to be examined this weekend.

Virgo: Your sense of style draws admirers on Monday. Some verbal naughtiness sets passion ablaze toward the middle of the week. Thursday’s Full Moon can inspire you to host a gathering of friends in advance of the weekend. Your dark side may emerge to be analyzed on Saturday. Sharing your vision of the future can inspire romance on Sunday.

Libra: Your charm inspires a romantic interlude on Monday. A sincere expression of appreciation can deepen love toward the middle of the week. Thursday’s Full Moon can bring romance through an online connection or while traveling. Love is unpredictable on Saturday. Sharing your ideas during a gathering of friends will energize you on Sunday.

Scorpio: A quiet rendezvous can deepen love on Monday. Your intuition is especially active then, too, so be aware of synchronicities that can guide you. Your lusty side is irresistible toward the middle of the week, so plan a sexy tryst with your sweetie! A control issue can upset love on Saturday. Flirting energizes romance on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Group activities can bring romance on Monday. Spending some one-on-one time with your sweetie makes passion escalate toward the middle of the week. Your humor and spontaneity heighten romance during Thursday’s Full Moon in your sign. The need for freedom can unhinge love on Saturday. Getting outdoors inspires passion on Sunday.

Capricorn: An artsy or luxurious ambiance inspires love on Monday. Socializing is energized toward the middle of the week, so look for romance during friendly gatherings. Analyzing the past and heeding your intuition reveal hidden insights about your love life during (and beyond) Thursday’s Full Moon. Saturday is chaotic. Verbalizing your feelings brings romance on Sunday.

Aquarius: An exotic ambiance heightens romance on Monday. Passion is deep but complicated mid-week. A power struggle with someone in authority is likely, too. A friend may be instrumental in bringing romance to your doorstep during (and beyond) Thursday’s Full Moon. You’re restless on Saturday. An earthy ambiance fires up passion on Sunday.

Pisces: Your imagination goes into overdrive to heighten romance on Monday, so get creative! Your mystique is irresistible toward the middle of the week, if you don’t let an argument upset love. Sharing your talents and expertise heightens your charisma during Thursday’s Full Moon. Socializing is unpredictable on Saturday, but friends bring joy on Sunday.

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