Reassurance in Love

There are times when life is on a roll – we may be a recipient of good fortune or good will, or we just succeeded in reaching a lofty goal. Maybe we’ve found the love of our lives – and yet, we still may be afraid to accept this happy fate. People question the good times as well as the bad, reveals psychic Astrologer Amelia ext. 9772. And it can be just as important to understand and have faith in what’s going on in your life – either way.

“I’m madly in love with Lily,” Josh announced to Amelia on his first call to the intuitive, who is also a Clairvoyant. “I’m a Cancer, and she’s Sagittarius. I’m wondering… will we make it?”

With the couple’s birth dates in front of her, Amelia did some quick Astrology. Josh was at the beginning of a series of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses that were about to trigger powerful changes in his life, she told him. She could tell from Josh’s planets that he was sensitive, and most likely doubted his worthiness as a lifetime partner to the independent, easy-going, travel-loving Lily. “She’s perfect for you,” the psychic said – with the reassurance of their stars, the Tarot cards and energy she picked up from his voice.

“Lily’s so beautiful… I can’t believe she loves me. I have a child who’s pretty difficult to deal with right now… I’m afraid Lily might fall out of love with her.”

“Lily has a mind of her own. She’s strong, and this is a long-lasting match,” the psychic told her caller confidently. “You’re at the beginning of a marvelous 12-month cycle that could bring marriage and partnership into your life.”

“I’m going to ask Lily to marry me,” Josh responded, “So then, this is good timing?” he asked, needing reassurance.

“You have a good heart, and very good intentions with Lily. Your life together won’t always be easy. You’ll have the typical ups and downs… You can offer her financial stability, but she doesn’t really want you for that. She has everything she needs on her own – but you. She loves you,” Amelia announced. “You’re both fine just the way things are,” she suggested before the call came to an end.

“Do you honestly see us married?” Josh called again to ask, after Lily had accepted his proposal of marriage with an outpouring of love and enthusiasm. Josh continued to call Amelia anxiously for reassurance right up to the day of their wedding. “My daughter was nagging Lily this morning,” he related. “Lily rolled her eyes at me, coaxed my little four year-old into her flower girl outfit, then asked her grandmother to make sure she made it down the aisle.”

“She wouldn’t be marrying you if you didn’t make her happy. Lily understands your daughter. You’re oversensitive to Lily’s moods and your daughter’s whims. Everything will be fine today,” the psychic told him.

“I do. I do. Yes, I do… make her happy,” Josh repeated to himself as a confidence booster. “I’m very, very lucky.”

“I see nothing but being together forever – this is a very, very deep tie,” Amelia assured her caller. “After you’re married, you’ll find that Lily will help you find an even greater purpose in life.”

“Really. Really!” he repeated. “You did say we’ve been together in past lives, so I guess this is going to happen.”

“Oh, straighten up,” the psychic urged laughingly.

“Okay. Okay. I’m ready,” he joked. “Thanks for everything, Amelia. This is stuff I can’t talk to any of my friends about. You know you’re very cool…” then he paused before saying, “I’m ready,” one last time.

“Then go enjoy your wedding day!” Amelia urged him, laughing.

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