Your LOVECAST™: Flirting and Fickleness

Tuesday’s Full Moon in Gemini fires up flirting (and fickleness), while Venus entering Sagittarius heightens the need for freedom in relationships. A troublesome T-cross on Thursday involving the Moon, Saturn, and Pluto can cause havoc in emotional situations, so strive to stay centered. Moon in Leo this weekend kicks playfulness and passion into high gear during romantic encounters. Bring it on! Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

Aries: Your brainpower is in full swing during the Full Moon at the start of the week, so express what’s on your mind and in your heart. Look for romance while traveling, too. Try not to overreact to a troublesome boss or family member on Thursday. A generous gesture that comes from the heart inspires romance this weekend!

Taurus: You’ll likely feel off balance on Monday. Tuesday’s Full Moon may prompt you to reveal your desires, both in and out of the bedroom! An argument, however, can erupt on Thursday, so choose your words carefully. Using your artistry to throw a party (or indulge in a cozy rendezvous for two) brings satisfaction this weekend.

Gemini: Tuesday’s Full Moon in your sign heightens your magnetism, prompting admirers to flock to you like moths to a flame. Choosing just one person to play with will be the challenge! A conflict over money may arise on Thursday, but look for a moneymaking opportunity on Friday. Your humor and perceptiveness make you irresistible this weekend.

Cancer: Tuesday’s Full Moon may reveal a secret or provide an insight that clarifies your love life, so heed your intuition. Sharing your inner life, including the past, can deepen intimacy as well. Try to avoid getting pulled into a power struggle on Thursday. A daring show of feelings — with a dash of drama — can accelerate romance this weekend!

Leo: A clash of wills is likely on Monday, when you’ll be irritated easily. Tuesday’s Full Moon brings/inspires romance during a friendly gathering. Networking can bring other opportunities, too. Hidden (suppressed?) feelings may emerge and throw you off balance on Thursday. Your inner fire attracts a passionate interlude this weekend — if you reveal your true self!

Virgo: Rash words can upset love on Monday. The Full Moon may bring romance through a work project sometime this week. Look for a career opportunity, too. A group gathering has unsettling undercurrents on Thursday, so seek the truth. A friend brings fun (and romance?) on Friday. A serene, intimate setting fires up your sexy side this weekend!

Libra: The Full Moon can bring romance through a class or cultural event at the start of the week. Your intuition will guide you toward love, too. A spontaneous round of flirting inspires a romantic interlude on Wednesday. A contretemps with your partner or family is likely on Thursday. A friendly gathering or community event brings romance this weekend!

Scorpio: Your partner is likely to go off the rails on Monday, so strive to stay sane. Some sexy repartee sets passion ablaze during the Full Moon this week, so exercise your flirting skills! A clash of wills can derail romance on Thursday. Love blooms on Friday. A courageous act from the heart inspires passion this weekend.

Sagittarius: A misunderstanding can unhinge your plans on Monday. Tuesday’s Full Moon energizes activities with your partner or helps you attract someone new. It may scatter your energy, however, so strive to stay focused. An issue about commitment or money may need to be resolved on Thursday. An exotic setting sets romance ablaze this weekend!

Capricorn: Love is tempestuous on Monday. Verbalizing your sexual desires heats up passion during the Full Moon this week. Pushiness, however, can get you into trouble on Thursday. Love is sweet on Friday, so plan a date with your sweetie. Getting creative in the boudoir sets passion ablaze this weekend, so try something new!

Aquarius: An emotional conflict may baffle you on Monday. Tuesday’s Full Moon helps you see the future of your love life (and other areas), so take some quiet time to intuit your direction. Your brilliance attracts romance on Wednesday, but inner angst can unhinge you on Thursday. Your ability to attract a compatible partner gets a boost this weekend!

Pisces: Creating an enticing ambiance for entertaining friends (or throwing a party for two) brings fulfillment during the Full Moon this week. Your versatility in the boudoir revs up romance as well! Love is prickly on Thursday. A twosome tryst may surprise you on Friday. Romance can be found through a helpful or healthy activity this weekend.

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