Shining Sequel?

Horror Master General Stephen King is reportedly at it again…and this time he’s taking us back to one of his spookiest settings ever — the Overlook Hotel.

King recently revealed that he is thinking of revisiting The Shining with a sequel focusing on little Danny. In what he’s tentatively calling Doctor Sleep, the newest chapter introduces us to Danny at age 40 using his infamous psychic abilities to help terminally ill hospice patients cross over.

He hasn’t firmly committed to the novel, what do you think…leave The Shining as is or give us round two?

3 thoughts on “Shining Sequel?

  1. julz

    Yes, give us another round, steve, i’d also watch it. Really love all scary stuff, and the paranormal. Im old, and it takes alot to scare me.To tell you the truth, haven’t really been scared, since DERANGED was at the auto theater with, Robert Blossoms as Ed Gein. I was also 8mons. preg. when that movie was out 1973. which was a true story I think. So bring it on steven, see if you can match Hitchcock.

  2. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Absolutely, yes. Can’t wait to read it and then see it. Hope that things have turned out well for Danny.
    Seems that Stephen King must be in touch with his own intuitive abilities to be able to write as he does.
    Ext. 9146

  3. cat

    i am scared of the shining… it all started when my parents rented it and we decided to watch it as a family, well actually it was just me my mom and dad, my brothers were asleep in their beds… but anyway, after we watched, strange things were happening to MY BROTHER who was asleep, things i dont want to remember but cant forget… i wont see it but i’m sure alot of people will


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