Risky Sex

A lot of folks have public sex stories to tell. Over the past few decades, couples have been arrested for various exploitations, such as sex in church confessionals (during Sunday mass), on public beaches, defaming pumpkins on farm property, and defaming corvettes in hotel parking lots (mechaphillia). In one particular case, a couple was caught on top of a police cruiser (with the officers still seated inside).

But perhaps the greatest tale of public love and sex, comes from a small town in South Africa, where a couple was engaged upon a railroad track as a train quickly approached. The conductor laid on the whistle and shouted out the window for the couple to move, but they simply ignored the warning as they neared their pinnacle of ecstasy. Their dream of a one-of-a-kind sex story, was exchanged for two names in the obituary.

Public sex is as prevalent today as ever before, with over 20 percent of Americans admitting by survey to getting it on in a public park, hot tub, or the backseat of a cab. There are a lot of theories as to the draw some people have towards public sex, but the one that seems to garnish the most credibility, is the belief that it comes from the basic human instinct to survive and reproduce. Both danger and sex create arousal, and under certain circumstances, a person may not be able to discern between the two.

What’s the Draw to Public Sex

Dr. Paul Dobrancy, author of The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love, believes that the draw to public sex, comes from the arousal (or fear) of getting caught. In other words, there is a slight element of danger added to the experience. It’s not exactly like swimming through shark infested waters wearing a tuna necklace, but there are certain consequences one can expect from such actions, such as various fines, jail time, embarrassing Internet sex pictures, etc.

This heightened arousal is what puts some rambunctious lovers on a fast track to getting off, which would otherwise take a whole lot of kissing and heavy petting to build up to. The ability to go from zero to complete arousal in a matter of a bus ride or jaunt through an alleyway, is what ultimately becomes the draw for the public sex addict. But just because the thrill is guaranteed, does not mean that the payoff is worthwhile.

While some risk takers swear by the titillation produced from public sex, others complain the experience is only exciting during the initial throes of passion. Once the actual act is over, they find that it was too quick, unsatisfying, without cuddle time, and void of any love quote’s or I love you’s.

Public Sex Without the Public
There is much to be said about the thrill of opening your sexuality to a partner, however, if you find yourself contemplating the thrill of a public sexcapade, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

While some individuals like to exhibit themselves, others would rather not be handed a free ticket to the show. There are ways to get the public “feel”, without actually being in the public eye. For instance, try it in your private garden, golf course (after hours, of course), in a closet (in your home), your vehicle (while inside the garage), or on a train (in your own cabin).

What’s good for the publicly “goosed” is not always good for the ganderer!

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  1. Jenny

    Thats funny. I just had to add that sex in a cemetary is a little thrilling too. (In the rain.) No spectators, except those obvious ones. It is that thrill that can lead up to a longer or faster walk back home.


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